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  1. Edition38 Show & Shine 2016

    It's on the homepage, too..
  2. FYK ED2 wheels

    Buy real bbs rs, or buy anything that isn't pretending to look like a bbs rs.
  3. Birmingham Body Shop crash repair

    Looking at that, I reckon it'd be at least £5899.99 to repair.
  4. Nankang ns2's or ns20

    The rainsport 2's are about my favourite tyre. Fantastic in the wet, good wear, not *premium* priced, but a great tyre.
  5. Nankang ns2's or ns20

    I actually thought i'd responded first, wasn't replying to you - apologies if it seemed that way. I know you've used them, and trust your opinion. You like falkens, but I wouldn't go near them again, personally.
  6. Nankang ns2's or ns20

    Cue 1000000 posts from people saying they are crap who have never had them. Have run a set (of ns2s) down to the bottom, with a little stretch. I would have them again. Excellent tough (reinforced) sidewalls. They're not very forgiving on bumps. Solid dry performance, good dry stopping. Wet stopping is fine, but hard wet cornering and they reach their limit of grip quite quickly. You don't feel like you're on an ice rink, but they don't kill kittens. Drive like its wet, and you're fine - you don't have to take 'extra' special care over what you normally would for wet driving. For normal driving, emergency stops and emergency maneuvres, you'll be fine. If you consider yourself a 'fast road' driver, you want something more grippy. Wear rate is great on them, not so slow that you feel like they aren't giving you any grip, but not so fast that you'll be holding your wallet to ransom. Have had falkens egg on me, so would not recommend, but hear good things about kumho these days. For clarity, have run p-zero rosso's and conti sport contacts on the same car, and use these as the benchmark. They are not equal in performance, but they also are not equal in price.
  7. South London Bodyshop?

    Googled around but wondered if someone would recommend a place. Friend in croydon in need.
  8. Votex Fog Duct Fitting - MK3

  9. Milton Keynes / northants

    I'd probably be up for coming down from time to time, haven't done any meets for ages (then again, havent had my car to bring)
  10. BBS RS on a 911 can it be done?

    Really? I think you have, but perhaps not quite realised what you're looking at... (f40?) thats the only way people used to make wide wheels, its only in the last few years people are happy to build a wide cast wheel. Sportline, i'm not completely convinced that rs's will work on the 996.... Willing to be corrected though, of course! S
  11. BBS RS on a 911 can it be done?

    I evidently have my grumpy and sarcastic hat on today.
  12. BBS RS on a 911 can it be done?

    I did read the question. Your question was: BBS RS on a 911 can it be done? You then said something about bringing a 996, and i commented after realising that, too.
  13. BBS RS on a 911 can it be done?

    Why is that an issue? 3 piece wheels.
  14. BBS RS on a 911 can it be done?

    Didn't fully read the thread. You want bbs rs's on a 996. If you can't find pics, it doesn't mean it can't be done. You can fit anything on anything, to be honest. You're best off on a porsche owners club forum if you want to see someone else do it. Otherwise, get some, get em on, take a picture.
  15. BBS RS on a 911 can it be done?

    Seriously? https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=porsche+bbs+rs&biw=1462&bih=703&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ei=8apQVLKTCczy7AaF_YDYDA&ved=0CAgQ_AUoAQ