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  1. Herts vag's

    I'll try and get a link up to the facebook group but until then if people search herts vags on fb and add it
  2. Edition security...

    yea to be honest I can agree with people maybe they had a point about being on your phone... but none the less the security were very rude to us and I witnessed the same to many others who voiced how annoyed they were. I was full on shouted at by one for going to fast when I wasn't even off the clutch yet.... I get that they need to be strict but I feel a couple of them were on a power trip
  3. MIVW 2014

    awesome awesome weekend. sorry if we annoyed anyone being so loud in the back of the beige caddy on the first night haha
  4. '88 Diamond Silver MK2 Golf Gti 8v

    Looks spot on mate! Keep up the good work
  5. mk2 golf 20vt

    Reading through this all again I've realised how many bits of my mk2 are living on in this haha. Hopefully you get the engine back this week!
  6. mk1 caddy mars red

    Little bit of an update. A mate of mine blasted my rocker cover and inlet manifold all ready for paint. Just waiting on some stainless bolts for the engine that ive ordered now.
  7. mk1 caddy mars red

    Hahaha awesome man! Yea the dude who i got it off went to uni in Swansea
  8. mk2 vr6 turbo

    Get some pics of the wheels built up and the interior put up matty!
  9. mk1 caddy mars red

    One step closer now garth! These came through today Cant wait to get this all running!
  10. mk1 caddy mars red

    Cheers dude. A few people have said they like it without the bumper to be honest but personally I think caddys look incomplete without it
  11. mk1 caddy mars red

    Ahh fair enough mate! Any cabriolet in particular or are all the same? Cheers for the info man!
  12. mk1 caddy mars red

    So thats just standard gti shafts then? Awesome! I was wondering about mounts someone said I need the engine mount as well as the gearbox mounts like you do on a 20v but someone else said you can use standard mk1 mount? Sorry for all the questions haha
  13. mk1 caddy mars red

    Yea mate all the loom and even fusebox etc. The ecu is apparently chipped to 160-170bhp but I cant confirm this yet. Still so many bit I need to buy haha. What drive shafts do I need to use with the abf box?
  14. mk1 caddy mars red

    Oh and I've got some new wheels coming from my mate next week. I know they are slightly ober played on mk1s but ibe always wanted a set!