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  1. wheel refurb

    thanks bruva, i'll give em a call on friday when im off.
  2. wheel refurb

    hi mate sorry for the late reply, ive had a mad xmas/new year with my uncle passing away xmas eve then the funeral and i work nights. Just loving my life at the moment! i tried looking into lepsons last year and i dont know if im wrong they were quite pricey, around £60 a wheel.
  3. wheel refurb

    any places recommended? and also a happy new year to all, hope you have a good one!!!!!!!!
  4. wheel refurb

    hi everyone, hope everyones had a good xmas, ive got a set of mk1 leon star fish's that i want to get refurbed/colour change and stick them on the ibiza tdi fr. as i want to go bk to 17's (currently running mk1 tt 16's) any recommendations, im based in northeast london essex i dont mind travelling outside london within reason. any recommendations and also what colour i should get them done as everyones done black(my car is luna grey/silver) thanks
  5. Recommend a HU with bluetooth + ipod connection £200 max

    i assumed that you wanted a headunit that did everything including cd playback, as some of those you've listed are media recievers and not cd headunits. so its entirely up to you with what you would want out of the headunit regarding cd playback etc.
  6. Recommend a HU with bluetooth + ipod connection £200 max

    hey how you doing?, i personally cant stand kenwood (past experience) but in terms of spec, ease of use and what you want. ALPINE BT126, i bought it on caraudiosecurity's event during the summer on sale for £160. great bit of kit, there must be a newer version. but honest opinion had it in my ibiza since the day i bought it and havent regret buying it yet. caraudiosecurity alpine bt126
  7. my mk4 golf

    liking the look of this, next time im in colchester i'll have a look out for you
  8. alpine headunits

    hi mate the 9812rb is a legend, i just picked up a alpine 126bt on sale for 160, its got full iphone & ipod connectivity via the supplied lead and also bluetooth with its supplied mic. features are not outstanding but for what you get, price and also being an alpine couldnt go wrong. The stats are as follows: General Information •Built-in Parrot Bluetooth module •Front USB Connection •Full Speed iPod Connection (optional KCE-433i cable required) •Front 3.5mm AUX Input •4 illumination colours selectable (blue, red, green, amber) •Button illumination red/ green selectable •Quick Search •Steering Remote Ready (optional adaptors required) •Full Speed rear AUX Input (optional cable required) •Includes Bluetooth microphone •Rotary Encoder IPod Compatibility •iPod 5G •iPod nano 1G - 5G •iPod classic •iPod touch 1G and 2G •iPhone Quick Search •Search music by: Album, artist, song, play list, genre, audio book, composer Outputs •Amp: 4 x 50W MAX •2 PreOuts (2V) •Power Antenna •Remote On Signal Audio •MP3/WMA Playback •AAC Playback •HPF •Treble Centre Freq. Con. •Bass Centre Freq. Con. •Subwoofer Level Control Bluetooth •Built-in Parrot Bluetooth Module •Bluetooth Version 2.0 •Updateable for future phone models iPod Compatibility Full control and charging for: •iPod 5G •iPod nano 1G - 5G •iPod classic •iPod touch 1G and 2G •iPhone, iPhone 3G/3GS & iPhone 4
  9. 2009 Ibiza Sport

    thanks mate ye they are but im thinking if i get the right price i will sell them. ive still got the jetta (its a 2.0 tdi se dsg and its only done 17k) lol but my dad occassionally uses the car. i had a jap import 6n gl polo but it was £215 a year to tax and im driving from essex to herts every night for work. so i scrapped it and got a 59plate (brand new at the time) on scrappage scheme. but now petrol is going up n up so i saw the mk4 ibiza tdi fr and bought it this week. as my monthly payments are less and its more fun to drive but also will cost less a month on fuel. had a 86 polar silver golf which i started working on but got knicked off the drive before xmas just gone :,(
  10. 2009 Ibiza Sport

    nice i want to sell the two sets of rims ive got and get some 16's for my ibiza as the ride is too harsh for my liking with the 17's that come with it (tdi fr) but im limited to choice as im sure the ibiza is 5x100 and im looking for a straight bolt on cheap set jus for the sake of comfort for now as ive got the car on finance.
  11. SEAT Ibiza 6J Sport Coupe

    Thats looking nice, wish those would go on my ibiza lol with regards to your tyre problems i use these guys for my falkens heres the link for the size 215/35/18's below http://www.camskill.co.uk/products.php?plid=m61b0s53p0
  12. New Ride ibiza 1.9 tdi fr 130bhp

    Alright Mate, Thanks for the compliment I thought no one is going to comment. To be honest Im not looking to sell them, there is 2 brand new ze912's falkens on the front and the 2 of the same tyres at the back with about 6-7mm still left on them. if the price is right then i may sell them. if you would like detailed pics then i can get some if you like. but pm for my contact details or even just a chat via here. cheers
  13. 2009 Ibiza Sport

    Sweet Motor, Did you have your car on show with the merc rims last summer at westside? i remember seeing a white ibiza on the same rims. i just picked up my first seat, 2008 ibiza 1.9tdi fr yesterday. theres a post in the readers ride section if you wanna check it.
  14. Hi Everyone Just wanted to say hi and introduce myself again as my 86' mk2 golf project got stolen during xmas , just picked up my new car yesterday. I owned from new a 2009 59 plate corsa 1.4sxi for work on finance but due to the petrol prices going up and the miles i do for work was getting costly. My Other car is a 2008 Jetta 2.0 DSG, which ive started getting bits for but its a very slow/progressive project as i dont get to use it much due to my perents (even though I pay for insurance and maintenance) lol. Had to get a diesel for myself, so the Seat Ibiza TDI FR caught my attention as its VAG. Picked it up from Seat Spur Garage In Hampton Court, Luna Grey 1 owner 24 195 Miles on the clock Original Price was listed as 8495 but managed to get it for 8200 with 2 years servicing and 6months tax included. Any opinions on the price and car would be appreciated. Hopefully this will be a trouble free and fun ownership for me. Heres a few pics of the new car and the jetta I have.
  15. Insane Insurance Quote

    so to post on your thread, i also rang them today and got quoted over 2 and a half grand fully comp im 23 with no convictions and one claim made last year. cheapest up till now i found was Admiral for just over £1440 fully comp.