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  1. Bora TDI 110 Cutting out

    For the past few days ive been driving along when out of the blue the car will cut out, The first time it happened I was just getting onto a very busy round about and almost got hit. There are no warning lights that flash up before it happens. it takes between 30 seconds to a few mons to restart then. I had a problem a few months back where the car wouldnt start, I checked everything it could of been. In the end I unplugged the ECU after reading about someone else in the states that had the same issue. That turned out to be water in the ECU plug. Dryed it off and it started first time. So im about to go check if it full of water again after all the crap weather we have been having. But is there any other areas i should check, Or anyone else had the same sort of problem with the car randomly cutting out on them while driving. The car is a 110 Sport TDI with 160.000 on the clocks.
  2. Air rid and handleling

    It depends on what set up it has. Most newer setups will handle just as good as coilovers.
  3. So Gti international 2013....

    Good to see its still going to happen. And on a real track. Shouldn't be any questions about safety.
  4. New Guy

    Welcome along Dave
  5. Mk3 golf failed MOT on emissions.

    Sold the car today for £250. picked up my new mk3 friday for £500
  6. Mk3 golf failed MOT on emissions.

    It failed on lots of other things too. Fixing them will come to more than the car is worth.
  7. Mk3 golf failed MOT on emissions.

    Cheers mate. Like I said I'll be going to a few places tomorrow to see if they can give me a 100% answer if the cat is at fault but I've had the feeling it was straight away. The car will get scrapped this week if it is the cat.
  8. My car just failed its MOT. A few things failed. It the emissions were te big one. This was the reading Would doing a flush bring those number down to pass it? I'm going to see a few garages tomorrow to see what they say. I'd guess if the cat is on they way out or gone the. It won't be worth replacing?
  9. painting with a roller

    Im looking to roller my Mk3 cabby at the moment as the paintwork is fubard, will I have to thin down matte paint?
  10. Oooooh a white golf

    Eye heart you.
  11. Low4milia

    Holy thread revival Batman.
  12. static u•s mkv

    I think that video needs to be in the mk5 static thread. We got another video of it scraping while under breaking
  13. :hMd:

    How have I missed this? dude its stunning!
  14. Bagged Bolf Beaut - S70W VW

    This is the reason I fitted the bora front to mine. It looked good at EE. You parked next to my mates mk5.
  15. Amazing build mate. you have some awesome skills!! Congrats on the little one too.