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  1. Golf MK6 GTi // Build Thread

    Service was spot on, communication was great all the way through and parcel was sent via DHL which I was able to track from Poland without issue. Recommended.
  2. Golf MK6 GTi // Build Thread

    Cars looking great. Got my genuine LED's from here, best price I could find for new oem with looms.... http://www.carsystems.pl/golf-mk6-r20-led-taillights-for-uk-and-rhd-market-adapter-5k0945093ag-5k0945094ag,id384.html Coding was then required for Byte 18, very easy and best mod I have made to date. Really annoyed I didn't go for H&R springs now though, went with Eibach Sportlines and feel the back sits vey slightly too high but front looks about he same as yours, good choice.