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  1. 17" Longbeaches question

    01-05 Jetta & 03-05 beetle (US) Bora 01-05 UK (highline modles) 4Motions 5x100 7j x 17 E38
  2. German Only Car Meet Beaconsfield Services Jct 2 M40 Its Back!!! Friday 29th April 2016 & every last Friday of the month thereafter 7pm till late ​Will run until October/November weather dependant If you have never been, we have a Pub open until 1am, a 24hr Starbucks, 24hr Mcdonalds, 24hr KFC, Nandos, Greggs, M&S, W H Smith, Chozen Noodle, Mint Leaves (Indian) El Mexican, Valerie Patisserie, Ibis Hotel (I case you get lucky) Mobile phone shop (incase you need a charger) and more. We hold a huge static car meet where you come, park and pose. We do not allow, speeding, burn outs, load reving, load bass or any other anti social behaviour. ​ANPR in opperation, we have permission to park here for as long as we like without incurring a ticket on meet nights. No parking close to corners as lorries need access, no parking on walk ways or pavements (you will get a ticket). ​We regularly get Police visits and in the four previous years they have only booked and fined a handful of people for driving with no front numberplates. Remember its a public car park so highway rules still apply on site
  3. Quick question

    Sounds painful Never though of that, but would it be the same cost as a regular wrap? No harm in finding out more info Yes going to look in to this for sure Thanks for all the responses so far guys
  4. Quick question

    Can you get a mat clear coat and can you apply it to a car without a new spray job? I'm thinking, rub down to paint and replace the old clear coat with a mat one, would that work? Anyone seen this on a deep blue pearl coloured car? Cheers Smuj
  5. mk4 golf anniversary

    If it's just a standard one you can just give over your reg number at VW or ECP and they can find you the correct bushes mate.
  6. Mk4 golf key fob question..

    Surely the CCM needs uprating before the fobs can work if they came from factory without them, best PM Ray (aRd) on here he will 100% know
  7. Mk4 water ingress

    You gotta strip out the seat, take back the carpet, remove the soaked/smelly underlay and leave that to dryout. Dry the inside of the car of any trace of water, then get the hose to and start by systematically pouring water over all the areas you suspect could be the issue and solve your problem that way, yes I know it can be a ball ache, but water in mk4s is pretty common. HTH
  8. Mk2 Golf GTi 16v

    Every nice, more details please
  9. 29-08-14 Beaconsfield Services Windsor Road Beaconsfield Buckinghamshire HP9 2SE Off Jct2 M40 STATIC MEET! Usual parking place Park up, check out cars, meet friends, make friends and enjoy Rules No speeding No wheelspinning No load music No popping of exhausts No parking on the pavements No parking in front of railings or cones (access required) Amenities 24hr Starbucks 24hr McDonalds 24hr KFC Weatherspoon Pub Dominos Pizza Greggs M&S Mint Leaf Indian takeaway Carvery Chozen Noodle El Mexicana Restaurant Valerie Patisserie WH Smith Nandos 36 pump Shell petrol stn Ibis hotel Watch out for regular Police visits, ANPR & CCTV in operation. As a public car park it is still subject to highway rules, the Police have a field day here with illegal number plates... You have been warned. XTRA who run the services have allowed us to park up for as long as we like as long as we are not a nuisance to other people using the car park