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  1. Powerflew bushes?

    my car fully powerflex, i mean fully struts and all. it bounces down the street, its only a 6month once a week car so can live with the toca touring car ride. i also have kw v1 shocks but ride on a flat rd amazing but otherthan that your bouncing as a daily powerflex may be to hard
  2. split rim polishing

    i started with 800 wet dry then moved up 1500 then 2000. then got a polishing bar with a grinder then a finishing bar then finished off with mothers metal polish. lovely finish
  3. mot fail what can it be

    try cataclean drive 20 miles then test
  4. Centre bore and spigot question ?

    on ebay you can buy collars
  5. rallye not reving over 1500

    hall sender new. will try knock first i think
  6. rallye not reving over 1500

    hi. rallye had not started for 18 months due to ecu problem. so got new ecu but prior to starting put new gallon of fuel and hand cranked a few times. the hand crank seemed stiff as it approached tdc then when passed it was free and easy. all the timing marks line up put timing light to check we are at tdc.new chip and red top injectors fitted along with 68mm pulley whilst it was off road. new blue sensor, the ecu braided hose is 1m and is attached to the upper nipple looking at the bulk head at the back of the TB. ok started the car it idles fine splutters but idles around 900- 950. the problem is when i try to rev the engine it wont rev the revs go up and down as i try to rev but will not allow the car to rev freely but car wont allow me to rev even full throttle its spluttering and wanting to stall. cos car is in remote garage and missing bumper and no mot, next thing is to change oil and filters inc fuel filters . not sure about spark plugs as they have not done a lot of mileage prob only 2000miles then looking at other threads its possibly knock sensor/ lambda sensor. the chip is sts. any suggestions , would a duff oil pump give these symptons? any recommendations welcome
  7. BBS Center nut question

    how much are these for 4 polishes bbs rs
  8. help needed. which bolts do i need.

    http://i1115.photobucket.com/albums/k548/fazzogs/redrillpic.jpg. thanks. side issue polisher. hex nuts x4 been powder coated how much to polish up. i can remove powder coating. thanks
  9. help needed. which bolts do i need.

    i have just seen pictures of other re drills and they have grinded back the centre bore to allow bolts to pass. is this safe?
  10. hi all. bought some bbs rs that had been redrilled from bmw fitment to 4x100. problem is the the redrill is close to the centre bore. my existing bolt head is catching the centre bore. anyone know which bolt head will fit thru. thanks. bolt holes are fine its the head of the bolt its catching the centre bore and wont travel down.
  11. speechless. nuff respect to you and your brother and your family for putting up with the hobby lol. damn fine cars. another feature...
  12. ecu failure

    was having problems starting rallye. on ignition the fuel pump was not priming (replaced relays) . connected direct earth and fuelpump came on as well as live to injectors. problem was live was going to injector rail but the earth signal from ecu was not sending thus resulting on ignition 10v down to 0v on the rail and 0v whilst cranking. anyway after much trial and error replaced ecu and now fuel pump primed and switched off and it started first time and ran for 30 mins to warm up engine. problem was the engine would not rev over 1300rpm. switched car off and changed over chips from former ecu went back next day put ecu in and nothing. the same problem again no fuel pump and no ignition. anyone had this problem no voltage on rail. i have been through loads of posts. any ideas thanks
  13. vw electrical connectors

    Polevolt.co.UK for all cabling and 2,3,4 pin vw connectors. If you are having probs with electrical connections.
  14. Plug Pin Extractor tool

    Polevolt.co.UK go to tools
  15. URGENT! please help somebody

    check earth, try putting direct earth to fuse for fuel pump see if it kicks in, check coil has 3 wires attached. i had problem it was no earth