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  1. VW T4 SWB 1.9 TD

    Hey how's it going man?the kerbside still going strong?totally fell out of love for the van scene a year or so ago when I was running 17" borbet's on my second t5 but when I got a MSG 3 days after putting them on saying I've brought asset of wheels the same as yours from one of the scenes better known company's+a good friend,(you know who)i jjust decided to bin it,told the forum what I thought of them(got banned!) and now drive a vivaro lol,clint still in that avant?x
  2. VW T4 SWB 1.9 TD

    If you want it a lot lower mate for cheap go scrappy an get some corsa rear springs then you need to notch your front shock plates,all easy jobs,worked it all out myself a few years ago
  3. Yo what's happening dale,havnt seen any of you lot for ages,cars looking sweet as usual,lovin the look on the steels,ever thought about having the rears banded like some of the older bugs run,how's shaun?x
  4. Caddy van

    Love a fifty with billet wheels
  5. Mk1 Caddy Project

    I know where there's a t25 camper being broken if ur dad needs any bits mate?
  6. Triggs MK1 caddy

    7k 11 years ago,I'm quiet surprised by that to be honest,didn't think they'd be that kinda monies
  7. Homebrew Golf Mk2 G60

    Lookin awsome danny
  8. New bikes the business mate,my nephews waiting on his new ktm to be delivered then he's going to stay out in Belgium with my brothers friend and riding for the week,bit different to the poop I got to do when I was 15!!!!
  9. Caddy 2k

    Shaun's old van,love it mate,just out of intrest how have you shortened the front struts?
  10. Big Red

    Wot kinda £'s did the bags cost you bud?
  11. Big Red

    Awesome Toby,favourite t5 bud
  12. Clonkster's....... AUDI A4 avant

    Looking good clint
  13. I'm all the way down with on a vmax kit,but have still got adjusters in,coming out next week,hub mod on front and all the way down,I'm only on 17's tho,can't get as low as Toby,reckon he must have his front adjusters out!
  14. Suprised your struggling in with ur side door dude,I'm running 10's et 20 an have got plenty of room
  15. Big Red

    Looks really good with windows in bud