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  1. Kermit the swallowtail mk1 Golf

    Nice one man thanks for shout out glad you love it
  2. Mk1 R32

    Don't no wear you got that idea
  3. Mk1 Scirocco Small Block Chic

    If you could run a couple of them tanks would be sweet O ye an I'll see it soon lol
  4. Mk1 gls tdi project

    Nice shine
  5. Mk1 Scirocco Small Block Chic

    Good choice going air just to save the car from damage when painted but will look epic anyway
  6. Mk1 gls tdi project

    Looking good but I would say that as I sealed an stone chip it up
  7. Mk1 R32

    Happy to help dude
  8. project ripped off

    Haha nice solid mk3 as nice colour to

    Cuming on now dude
  10. Al's mk3 vr6 turbo build

    Nice car dude at least I can see yr car now after you taking about it (Jon jh propaint dude )
  11. Mk1 R32

    Looking good dude Wear you putting fans at the front I'll be posting more of mine soon lol
  12. Mk1 gls tdi project

    I can see my car :-)
  13. mk1 golf diesel