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  1. Tyre sizes

    Do people tend to go for a bigger profile when running staggeredset ups?
  2. Tyre sizes

    Good shout, its a minor difference. Thanks a lot It's a BMW E92
  3. Tyre sizes

    Hi Not sure if this is the right forum to post this, sorry if it's not. I've got a set of 19x8.75 and 19x10.75 wheels The car is going on air I want a low profile tyre with a small amount of stretch. I've looked on tyrestretch.com and will it fit etc but they don't show my exact wheel size. I've found 18x8.75 but how do I calculate what tyre size I would need for a 19 to get the same stretch as that shown on a 19? With the rears, 10.75 I can't find anything the same. My question is how do you guys work out your set ups? Or can you recommend what would work on my wheels? Sorry I know this is a bit of a pathetic cry for help but looking at all these tyre sizes etc is doing my head in lol. After some advise from someone that knows more than me.
  4. Remap adapting to higher RON fuel?

    Hi Has anyone had any experience of this. Car was mapped with a tank full of 95 ron fuel (335i) and didn't hit the figures we expected. However I have been told that running higher ron fuel should give me the extra power that it didn't hit on the cheap fuel. So the map adapts to the better fuel?
  5. D2 Airsuspension

  6. D2 Airsuspension

    They are a lot cheaper than airlift But I expect that is for a reason
  7. D2 Airsuspension

    Hello Have any of you had any experience with D2 air suspension kits?
  8. Wheel adaptors to change PCD

    Cheers Isn't that to fit 5x120 wheels to a 5x114 hub though? Or can it all be reversed anyway.
  9. Wheel adaptors to change PCD

    This is going to sound daft but if I want to fit 5x114 wheels to a car with 5x120 PCD. Are there plenty of adaptors that will do this but more importantly is it anymore "risky" than just running a regular spacer?
  10. Those of you in London tomoz

    good man, make some noise. not at the venue mind.
  11. Those of you in London tomoz

    It will be open to the public from 12. We have a convoy of cars traveling through London before this with a competiton running "tweet to win" sort of thing. There is no charge, it's free of charge. We will have 7 PS4 pods for you to try the game on and one motion simulator. You will need to que for the simulator though and that could take some time. And you need to be over 4'11
  12. Those of you in London tomoz

    We have it booked until 7pm buddy.
  13. Those of you in London tomoz

    Feel free to come along and check out our event
  14. MK4 Golf front lower arms

    HI. I need to replace both my front lower arms as they are knackered. My car currently gets positive camber when I air it out. I've been told in the past by using R32 parts I can counter this so the wheels don't do this. However I have a feeling its the R32 hubs I need to change and not the arms. My question is basicly if im replacing the arms anyway is there any arms I can get that will correct the positive camber? Or do i need other parts too? Come to think of it one side was done not that long ago, does air wear these out faster?

    Not through choice, I had to so i could clear the brakes.