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  1. As said get the disc off and it'll come out no problem once the pressure is off it
  2. Princess ANN

    M5 looks awesome,quite understated really but ready to rip your face off haha. The mk2 is really cool,read it from start to finish over the last couple of nights and its really good what you've done and with the cars history and what it means to you its great to see it getting another chance!
  3. Edition38 Show & Shine 2016

    Really looking forward to this now. Going to camp the whole weekend again, not been the last 2 years so happy to be making the trip down again. Anyone here driving down from Manchester area Friday morning?
  4. Edition38 Show & Shine 2016

    Any chance we can guarantee the weather. Keep checking forecasts and it's mixed results on every one. Not too hot 22/23 would be perfect, no rain!
  5. B6 A4 3.0 CABRIOLET

    You still got that mate? Saw you got a little photo in the latest PVW
  6. B6 A4 3.0 CABRIOLET

    Still got this. Had a few issues over summer. Nothing serious. Anyone got any cabriolet inspiration for me
  7. Harlequin anniversary mk4 1.8t track/race car

    agreed i wouldnt have done it to an anni but its your car. i love the look of a harlequin so fair play there. are you keeping the anni kit for it?
  8. A4 Cabriolet. Take 2...

    will be checking this regularly. iv kind of lost the love for mine a bit recently, coils as low as the rears will let me, front level with that, 19" Porsche Lobsters, cambered rears. its getting me down now every tiime i look at it. i really want to paint it but a new house and third child just arrived has stopped proceedings. what are you going to do inside? those seats are epic, the wood however is not! i will be getting the wheels re furbed and trying to make the bet out of the body for summer but hopefully another cab on here will be the kick i need to love mine again. also have a 3.0 v6 manual. by far the best of the B6 A4 Cabs (obviously not including S4 LOL)
  9. Drive shaft has come off

    Cheers. Hopefully it'll just be a new set of bolts and a boot, I'm not sure what got smashed though as there was quite a bit of shrapnel on the floor when it happened. The shield is definitely scrap but if I can just bolt the shaft up again il be made up
  10. Drive shaft has come off

    my drive shaft has decided the bolts were not tight enough and has worked its way off Snapping a couple of bolts and smashing the shield in the process. Should I be able to put it in gear without pressing the clutch? Because I can. I hope this is normal. I know it won't drive but I'm just concerned that the damage is deeper than the drive shaft.
  11. Project Modernise A Mk2 Golf!

    Always fancied a modern day mk1 convertible. Looking forward to seeing what you do
  12. Gracey - Typ19 GTI

    Gorgeous MK2!
  13. Big red the roofless slut

    Just keep the mirrors red, it looks good. i hate my plastic chrome mirrors. im considering getting all the metal/chrome on mine vinyl wrapped in either a charcoal grey or satin black.
  14. B6 A4 3.0 CABRIOLET

    It's surprising how easily you can fall out of love with a car. Really need to sort this window out, I think the airbag lights starting to hurt me too! I'm thinking about doing something stupid like paint the wheels Porsche peppermint green! Il probably bottle it though and go original silver though.