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  1. Dannyboi's Audi TT Build

    see this a few weeks back going through linford..cant miss the colour.. looking good
  2. if its that ground in..i use a bit of petrol on an old toothbrush...gets right into the grain.. then just wipe off and then dress the plastic
  3. Knocking - Bora

    two things spring to mind to sort this quick. 1 loose the arb and the drop links entirely...on a lowered car you wont notice its gone. 2 buy shorter drop links to raise the arb away from the wishbone. look for clean metal on those parts as that will say they are rubbing together..then you will defo know
  4. removed my arbs on 3 cars..never had any probs with mots..and never noticed a difference after when driving
  5. oh my... ...wheels look stunning
  6. audi tt gear surround measurments

    cheers fella..thanks for that
  7. havin a bit of trouble fitting cruise control to my 03 plate ibiza..(same as polo 9n) got the stalks sorted and im using a kufatec loom.. instructions are a nightmare when converting german to english..they read gobbledy gook.. got he stalk wires done ok..now its just the last 2 wires. ive found the white plug..but it says connect to pin 10..but if you look at the board where the plug clips into..theres no female end in it... so if i plug into pin 10 with the male part..theres no female part in the block..if you get me anyone retro fitted cc to there ibiza or 9n that could point me in right direction?? cheers
  8. audi tt gear surround measurments

    thanks matey..much appreciated
  9. would someone with a tt..please measure the width of the alloy ring..(the one with the allen bolts in.) that holds the rubber gaiter down? like to see if i could get one to fit in my ibiza thanks
  10. Ibiza tdi sport.

    cheers fella. just waiting on my loom from kufatec..then i can fit my cruise control
  11. ive tried these before and they are poop. the bottom bush wont take long to detroy itself at that angle theres a few ways to resolve it. 1..loose the arb totally 2.go for and arb with a bigger hoop 3.go for a r32/audi tt arb that goes under the driveshaft. i opted for the first on all my cars...and to be honest..ive never noticed any difference
  12. 1.9 TDI ASZ

    if its knocking that bad..then id get it changed as soon as poss..if they do let go ..it will destroy your gearbox..and can damage the engine.
  13. clutch and flywheel bolts

    for the sake of a few quid i bought 6 flywheel and 6 clutch cover bolts....you never know when taking them out if the last person ruined the bolt heads when putting them in