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  1. John's Mkv Edition30

    I still think grey is the best colour in these, miss my old grey one. Looks awesome dude.
  2. Black golf edition 30

    Need more pics, sounds nice though. I love ED30's, I'm on my second one.
  3. The Humble Scirocco R Project

    Engines a k04 TFSI lump like Golf R/Audi S3/Edition 30 etc, big tuning potentional! Looks awesome, I do like these!
  4. You need meth mate.
  5. Bet that goes well! What hybrid K04 is it?
  6. MK5 Golf R32 HPA Turbo Build!

    I'd love a turbo'd R32! Just out of couriousity, what did the conversion cost?
  7. Audi A3 8p warrens

    Seen this at Awesome the other week, was wondering what had happened to it! Looks sweet!
  8. My RS4 project

    You need to get Rick @ Unicorn to map this!
  9. JonnyC TTRS Build Thread

    Love your builds, can't wait to see this at the 30-130 day!
  10. How much crap was in your ports? I've been thinking about doing this for a while, RS4's are mad how much they got coked up so was thinking these might be similar? This is awesome man, must go so well!
  11. You got it on the road yet? What's it drive like? Need videos!
  12. John's Mkv R32

    Loved what you did with the Bora so this will be sweet! Random but what did the ball joints and track rod ends cost from the dealer?
  13. My Black Mk5 GTi

    That Pissrat looked sweet! The Golf will be fun if you put a K04 on.
  14. The new Edition to the family...

    Awesome car with a proper good spec! Stage 2+ is a fast set up too!
  15. John's Bora on Ch's.....

    I've still got so much love for this car, one of the best about deffo. Good work John.