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  1. ECU repair

    What caused failure? The Bosch units are solid. Replacement will be cheaper than repair.
  2. I'll just buy on the gate then.
  3. Is it more expensive on the gate?
  4. 1.8t random limp mode/Loss of power

    Have you scanned it?
  5. Glasgow let you walk straight in; you English guys have it rough. VW are cheaper for me; try both. I get trade usually everywhere cause I'm chatty (read: always in!).
  6. Clutch help on 1.8t

    There's no damper on the 5 speeds.
  7. Clutch help on 1.8t

    Once it's gone tight, if you open the bleed nipple; does fluid shoot out?
  8. Glue

    lol hahaha lololol ahhahahaha
  9. Fitting 356mm brake kit under 19s?

    Disc height is crucial. I'm using a Jag disc with the largest offset I could find. Mine fit behind ED30 wheels.
  10. Fitting 356mm brake kit under 19s?

    Shouldn't be an issue. I'm running 365mm behind 18's. Was 378, but I like 18s on the 4.
  11. Polo 9n BAM swap?

    I'm not going to lie, if you're having to ask these questions, you can't do the swap and this thread is a waste of server resources. All 06A blocks use three mounts in stock form.
  12. Polo 9n BAM swap?

    You're not listening. The box HAS to be from a Polo/Ibiza so that it physically fits. Or swap mounts. 5 speeds are no higher revving that 6 speeds (don't split hairs). BAM is NO stronger than any other 06A block; they all have milkybar rods.
  13. Bike carbs - Outer 2 running rich?

    Get a wideband and log fuel at all RPMs. There shouldn't be that much of a different between individuals; but usually two run richer than the other two. Can't remember if it's inner or outer though.
  14. Change AUM block for BAM

    Turbo will cope fine. Can run more timing due to lower comp. The BAM is NO stronger than the AUM, however. Wrist pin is not a failure point.
  15. Removing foundation

    Post a picture of her to reveal the secret removal chemical.