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  1. adam-

    1.8t AUQ ECU compatibility question

    You will never see damaged chips unless they have been obliterated.
  2. adam-

    1.8t AUQ ECU compatibility question

    Check the coils. 0 dwell (I assume that's how he's done the harddcut) can fry coils. Usually fuses go though. Can melt the heads of the coil. Send me the file if you want me to check it over/checksum it.
  3. adam-

    1.8t AUQ ECU compatibility question

    And no, you cannot cross-flash. Sometimes you can, sometimes you can't. Need to know how to recover if you fck it up; which you will. Why are you asking this when you have a tuner? Or are you the tuner? Why delete the immo? Coded in is fine.
  4. adam-

    1.8t AUQ ECU compatibility question

    Your tuner is incompetent. Your ECU has an incorrect checksum because of lack of understanding and is now a brick. Needs recovered in bootmode. ECU is absolutely fine. Shy of opening it up and shorting stuff out with a hammer, you can't damage them irreparably with software. Send me the ECU, I'll flash it to stock or whatever you want to fix it.
  5. adam-

    Airlift help! Air ride sinks

    You have a leak. Soapy water is your friend. It shouldn't. Pull the fuse, see what it does? Parasitic load test will tell you what's killing it too.
  6. adam-

    fitting new braided brake hoses

    Yes. But it will drop; not flow. Just remove the line and put the new one on. Clean up the few drips you get. Crack the line on the body first - if that goes wrong you've got to worry about that more than anything. Soak them in PlusGas prior to touching them days in advance.
  7. adam-

    Stereo won't remember

    Likely doesn't have an ignition live, or the fuse is blown. You need a meter for these jobs. You NEED constant power and ignition live. A meter will tell you straight away which you don't have, then either check the fuse or find out why it doesn't have the one you need. Colours don't matter, power does.
  8. adam-

    fitting new braided brake hoses

    Remove the new line, fit the new line, bleed the system. Why remove all the fluid? You just make it hard to bleed again.
  9. adam-

    Converting a K03 1.8t to K04

    EGT isn't essential, but it does help with better control of fueling using ACTUAL temperature rather than modeled.
  10. adam-

    Mk4 Golf battery problem.

    Can measure voltage drop across the fuse to calculate current draw.
  11. MK3 Golf, 6n2, 6n are all the same IIRC.
  12. adam-

    immo defeat

    I can. £25 posted.
  13. Mapped has nothing to do with closed loop emissions, unless mapped badly. Fit a quality cat, or get that one scalding hot before testing. Or find a better tester.
  14. adam-

    Excessive Vibration through whole car

    Low? Cheap CVs?