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  1. Excessive Vibration through whole car

    Low? Cheap CVs?
  2. Boost problem

    Logs? Codes? Leaks?
  3. Air ride question

    I'm on Airlift V2. Performance, but that makes no difference. It doesn't fluctuate that much; but the system will only "refresh" when the bag pressure stays still for x time and isn't at it's preset. It doesn't do it while driving (because the pressure will obviously walk around a bit). It varies a lot if you go over a speed bump (obviously, because weight is now on that corner).
  4. Air ride question

    You can choose what it does. Mine adjusts on the move; but only when the pressure has stabilised for 30? seconds. So I'll stop at long lights and it'll adjust sometimes. Can turn it off though.
  5. Air ride Mot fail help

    That fail list isn't ideal tbf. Either remove the ARB entirely or get points welded on. Fix the wiring too. I don't understand how you can take a car to an MOT station with brakes leaking and wiring hanging everywhere.
  6. ECU repair

    What caused failure? The Bosch units are solid. Replacement will be cheaper than repair.
  7. 1.8t random limp mode/Loss of power

    Have you scanned it?
  8. Glasgow let you walk straight in; you English guys have it rough. VW are cheaper for me; try both. I get trade usually everywhere cause I'm chatty (read: always in!).
  9. Clutch help on 1.8t

    There's no damper on the 5 speeds.
  10. Clutch help on 1.8t

    Once it's gone tight, if you open the bleed nipple; does fluid shoot out?
  11. Glue

    lol hahaha lololol ahhahahaha
  12. Fitting 356mm brake kit under 19s?

    Disc height is crucial. I'm using a Jag disc with the largest offset I could find. Mine fit behind ED30 wheels.