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  1. MX TTS MK3

    have you got a video of the exhaust note. looks impressive
  2. Which one do you think would be better for a White Audi. Had Fusso before and it didn't disappoint. but would like to know how it compared to KoG
  3. Driving into work today and listening to the radio as normal when all of a sudden the radio goes mute for 2-3 seconds and then goes static for 1-2 seconds (loud, no matter what volume the stereo is at) and then goes mute for 2-3 and keeps repeating for about 5 minutes and then went back to normal. I happened again once i pulled into work so i turned the whole stereo off and it was still happening, I even turned the car off so it had no power and was still continuing. I have tried googling it but nothing has come up. Has anyone else heard of this or know what it could be. I havent touched the radio so i dont know what it could be and i have had the car for 3.5 years and nothing has gone wrong with it in that time. Seems strange like someoneis trying to take over my radio externally lol.
  4. Audi SQ5

    Please post up your build thread which shows the same mods done quicker.
  5. Audi SQ5

    Ian, i will be honest. I hate these cars with a passion, big and horrid in my opinion but by god you have changed my mind. This is georgous. The attention to details is amazing. The Vossen wheels look near factory on this. Any plans for the engine(power/dressing)?
  6. Trying to my wheel alignment done but everywhere is saying the car is too low to do it. Any one know of a place to get it done around crawley / horsham area? The inner fronts are wearing the quickest.
  7. Best sat-nav / stereo unit for £300

    Yeah I'm just not sure what unit to go for. I see rms510 everywhere but not sure if the 310 would be any good
  8. Alright guys Looking at getting a sat nav unit for my Mk5. What is the best unit I can buy for around £300 mark.
  9. Audi A4 S line b7 Black Dragon on 3SDM's

    andyp, can you pm me where you got those wheel bolt from please.
  10. The Mk5 Mongrel

    Got some new wheels put on recently. Pic will follow.
  11. Seat Ibiza mk5 2010 (Marmite mobile)

    Looking good mate, Have you thought about changing your centre caps to something with blue in them to match the car?
  12. Still StaTTic Audi 8j

    that seat looks perfect in there
  13. The Mk5 Mongrel

    or get the centres powder coated a different colour
  14. The Mk5 Mongrel

    Not sure if to get RHZW1s or RHZW3s next
  15. J88KOS moonlight blue r32 build thread

    And getting better