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  1. Klutch wheels

    Tux Automotive Supply these! 01274 864457 Speak to Taz he will sort you out!
  2. What chip for AGU ?

    I would not get any of that Generic Chip nonsense get yourself down to a company such as "R-Tech" for a Live Rolling Road map to get the best you can out of your setup! Yes these Ecu are coded to the car so will require for you to either de-immobilised the ecu unit or use the Transponder,Key and Ecu etc..over to donor car.
  3. MK2 VR6 Cold Coolant Hose

    Hi All, Just wanted a bit of advice with the Lower coolant hose on my MK2 VR6 as it has always been cold weather it's been run for a long/short journey or just sat idling, I have replaced the Thermostat and Thermostat Housing with new items about 2 Weeks ago and this has not made a difference. It does not overheat at all and fan kicks in when it should and runs perfectly, Just want to know why the lower hose is always cold! What else would there be that could cause this? Thanks, Sam
  4. Mk3 vr6 fan issue

    What Amp Fuse did you replace them with?
  5. Loving this build thread keep up the awesome work! Currently in two minds to either charger or turbo my VR...What the power delivery like in this are you able to put the power down or does it spin a fair bit? Sam
  6. mk3 vr6 conversion

  7. mk1 g60

    The pipe from the ecu wont really effect the way it starts...Have you cleaned the ISV out to rule out that is not causing your rough starting issue?
  8. MK2 VR6 Starting Issue

    Yup sourced the ECU and she now lives!
  9. MK2 VR6 Starting Issue

    I unplugged the Fuel Rail Plug to find that there was a 12 Volt power supply going to it however there was no pulse signal when cranking it, Since then I have changed the ECU but to my luck it was the wrong ECU as mine reads "021 906 258 AF" where as the one I bought was "021 906 258 CH" my setup runs alonside the 5 Pin MAF and the "CH ECU" runs of a 4 Pin setup Anyway the car will start with the "CH" Code ecu but will cut out couple of seconds when the immobliser kicks in so this show that the previous ecu was at fault I need to source a "021 906 258 AF" Ecu which will get the car running again! Sam
  10. Help sort these issues mk2 vr6

    Did you get to the bottom of this in the end? I am having the exact same issues at the moment I get power to the fuel rail but no pulse at all when cranking...
  11. MK2 VR6 Starting Issue

    Hi All, I am having a right nightmare with my MK2 VR6 Conversion. (1993 OBD1 VR6 Coilpack Model) Basically I got the MK2 VR6 Conversion finished last week I took the car around the block to make sure all was ok which it was as I pulled up the heater matrix gave up resulting in water pissing into the passenger side footwell so turned the car off and bypassed the piping, I went back to start the car and nothing it is just cranking and not starting. Things which I have checked: Fuel Supply to engine - Yes Spark - Yes Spark Plugs Cleaned (Were Black) HT Leads Replaced Ignition Switch - Good Working Order New Starter Motor (Other one was dead) Fuel Pump Relay/ECU Relay (Swapped both for new ones no difference) Checked if it has a ECU Immobiliser - Never came with one in this year Added another earth from the Engine to the body Anyone have any ideas as to what may be causing this as I am really loosing my patients with this as everything is there for it to start but just wont fire up at all. Any ideas what else to check? Thanks, Sam
  12. An RS6 what's even more eviler than skelitor

    After looking at your ring trip pictures I was about to comment saying it needs a Miltek Non Resonated Exhuast on there to scroll down and find that it had been done. Loving the progress keep it up! Did you purchase your RS6 from Birmingham by any chance? Sam
  13. Project Frankenstein...

    Popped into town to drop someone off at the train station on the way back down some complete utter D!ckhead decides he wants to cut across 3 Lanes and go straight into the side of a bright red MK2, I could not speed up or slow down to move as there was traffic in front and behind me and a wall along side me so had no choice but sit back and await the thud! Gutted wasnt the word and the kn0b still had the cheek to say that I was in the wrong even though I was in my lane and he cut across 3 lanes into the side of me!! Luckly only the door got caved in and rest of the MK2 body is still straight which was pretty lucky considering they crumble like nothing...
  14. Project Frankenstein...

    Wow I completely forgot about this build thread, I may aswell update this since I am here now! Went to GTI International 2011 and was possibly one of the best show I attended weather was awesome interesting items in the jumble sale and drag strip had some rather tastey cars pulling some impressive 1/4 Mile times... I would of love to of taken the G60 down the strip to see what kind of times it would of pulled but gearbox was not sounding too good on the way up, I headed back home and the following day this happened! Thank god it did not blow up on route to GTI International or even worse on the strip! Once that was replaced with another box took the G60 for a spirted drive through some country lanes decided to head home as I managed to finish a tank of fuel so on the way back I started to hear some funny grumbling noises coming from the wheel area which didnt sound too good so got home popped the wheels off the reveal this... Pads were literally finished so ordered a set online which arrived the following day
  15. MK2 VR6 Conversion Help...

    Ok so today I gave it another go I wired D8 and E2 together again and the MK3 clock loom powers up and now have a live feed to the MK2 and MK3 clocks on ignition, the only thing that I do not have is indicator lighting on the MK2 clocks you can hear them clicking and functioning fine but will no light up on the clocks would there be any way around this? I am able to get them working with the MK3 clocks but not the MK2... Thanks Sam