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  1. Thanks for the help guys
  2. I'm going to be doing my first bit of proper bodywork soon, repairing a patch of rust on my car's outer sill, but I'm struggling finding information on what I need to do once I've carried out the repair, like what do I use to paint/treat the inside of the sill once it's welded so that it's not just left bare? And what do I use to paint/treat the outside too, I was thinking acid etch primer, followed by stonechip, followed by normal paint? Any kind of help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance
  3. Come to think of it you haven't got all the momentum of a spinning driveline to try and stop as well on the rear wheels, I was being a bit dumb and presuming it'd be as difficult as it is on my mx5, ignore me haha. Car looks great anyway
  4. All looks great, just one thing, isn't it really weird to operate the handbrake the opposite way? Never actually used a hydro but always figured they'll still take a fair bit of force to operate properly and doing so by pushing on it rather than pulling looks kinda awkward. You could switch it pretty easily by just welding tabs onto the bracket and bolting it through above rather than below the plunger on the cylinder. Although I suppose its use here is more for just holding the car still on a flat surface where it won't take much effort anyway.
  5. Parking like Douchebags at Early Edition

    Because it's full of people who spend more time meticulously cleaning their poo old hatchback than doing anything actually worthwhile with their lives, thus in their deluded little backwards minds earning them the right to park like a penis in order to preserve the finish they've worked so hard to achieve... On their 10 year old grocery getter. Also because they're simply 2scene4u
  6. Firstly, I'm writing this while tired so if it doesn't make sense I apologise. I've bought a car which has an aftermarket cat-back system on it (stainless, larger bore than std, with a resonator and a 4" jap can), and it's too loud and droney for my liking, so I'm looking to take it off and sell it, then modify a standard exhaust system which I've bought, however I'm struggling with where to find exhaust silencers to use in this system, other than ebay but they don't seem to be quite as cheap as I'd expect on there. Does anybody know of good websites to buy cheap exhaust components from? It'll probably help if I explain my plan properly, so: the car in question is an mx5, which in the standard exhaust system only have one silencer, and it's right at the back, and it's a massive one, I wanna get rid of this because: a) it looks terrible, (very minor but every little helps) save a bit of weight/help even it out a bit seeing as everything heavy randomly appears to be on the driver's side c) I want more noise, just slightly less noise than this current system. So then with that giant silencer gone I want to put a new smaller silencer into the system instead and probably re-route the exit of the exhaust. Cherry Bombs are so far the cheapest silencers I've really seen, at about £25-30, but I've always been under the impression that cherry bombs were for making crapbox Corsas/Clios/Fiestas/etc. produce loud and terrible noises, rather than actually being useful as a silencer, or am I mistaken here? And maybe I'm being overly hopeful but I figured I'd be able to buy a nice simple, straight, round silencer for less than that considering ones specifically made for cars, with pipework, hangers, random shapes etc. can sometimes be had for less than that? So yeah, opinions on whether a Cherry Bomb silencer in an otherwise straight-through exhaust system is enough to make it not quite full retard sounding, aaaand suggestions on where to buy normal silencers to use? Thanks in advance.
  7. help needed asap

    Very much a different car, but my old polo had two little pipes at each rear corner that were for drainage.
  8. Lhotte's mk2 Jetta v2.0 TDi

    Agree with Stanton, nice title haha
  9. Looks great, absolutely love those wheels, they're like a more awesome version of oldschool slot wheels
  10. Getting paint off tyres.

    Sand or wire-wheel/brush it off. Worked for me in the past.
  11. Heidi's Mk2

    After reading the first page I was wondering why I hadn't seen this about at all, cause I see the e36 aaaalllll the time at meets/'cruises', but then I saw the second page and it's all clear now
  12. Jdm bubble shifter

    I'll check for you, pretty sure it's m12x1.25 though, and the m10 and m8 adapters are also fine thread. May vary between different gearknobs though.
  13. My Passat CC GT

    This looks amazing
  14. Filthy Diesel Vento!

    I bought some TA Technix from unit3tuning back in January and they turned up with the body adjust, was well chuffed that I'd be able to get extra travel with it, then put them on and realised there wasn't enough travel in them regardless, was well disappointed. Maybe they've changed them a bit now or the Polo/Ibiza ones are just different. But now I'm stuck with non-body adjustable JOM's that have ran out of travel and keep wondering whether it was wise to return the TA Technix afterall... I don't really know where I'm going with this, but yeah, to anyone interested, TA technix coilovers come with the body adjust now also
  15. Chassis Notching

    Perfect, thanks!