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  1. 1980 Golf BRN

    Absolutely stunning, shame its a 5 door but it looks awesome
  2. Project A1NGRY - 2011 Audi A1 1.4 TFSI

    Maaaan, I liked where this was going ! Then the lights happened Liking the whole 'maximum attack' style with wheels/stance though so keep that up !
  3. This'll be my 5th year going and the main show falls over 9th-11th May What dates are the majority going to be venturing over in 2018? When we went over in 2016 it hammered it down with snow and I kinda put a dampener on the whole trip, I know weather isn't guaranteed, but I heard a lot of people went over the week after the show that year. SOOOO Dates please from anyone that's going
  4. You can buy repo ones from VW heritage for not a lot of money that look fine
  5. Pearl Grey MK2 GTI 8v - Back To Basics

    Can you remember what size reducer you need from BAM charge pipe to K03s ?
  6. Right, so my MK2 started life as a CE1 1.3 carb model, wiring has been sent off to be spliced to 20v loom, but I still need to sort fuelling. I've read that the MK3 tank and pump is my best option, but how do I wire it in ?
  7. 20v water pipe

    AGU pipe is an 06A 121 0695 AJ, ETKA says its been dropped from dealer network but that's not to say they don't have stock. £128+vat I'd probably go for a clean second hand one though
  8. There's a 1.8 8v tank on ebay, listed for a cab, im wondering if this would be the same as a normal mk3 so that I can use it on my mk2 20v conversion Cheers, Josh
  9. Skodalads VRS

    Where'd you get the black jubilee clips from duck ?
  10. Gwen the mk2 golf gti

    If you change your mind about keeping that engine PM me pal, I've got a big bumper 16v model here that's in dire need of a new heart ! Looks a great base as everyone has said, I'm starting a 20v conversion on a small bumper at the moment so be interesting to see how you go about it Josh
  11. Pasadena Blue MK2 Golf 1.8t Build

    Turns out I follow you too haha ! Not seen any pics of the MK2 on there so that's why I didn't clock it I've got the same bracket I think, hopefully you're right about the clearance
  12. Pasadena Blue MK2 Golf 1.8t Build

    What's the part number on that rear engine bracket mate? Cant wait for the Voomeran kit on!
  13. Worthersee 2017?

    No mate, I just booked through booking.com
  14. 2.0tfsi Cam Follower

    I've never heard of people using a different follower You can buy the follower aftermarket though and save a few ££ febi part number - 37162 Most decent motor factors should be able to get hold of it
  15. Part number help please....

    06A 906 461 L - I wouldn't be buying from main dealer though, what's wrong with buying a Bosch one from a motor factors ? 0 280 218 063 - Bosch number for reference.