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  1. Mk2 golf ABF Turbo

    Guess where i've been. This time not a shock to the system. But i figured if im gonna do it right i'm gonna do it first time
  2. Mk2 golf ABF Turbo

    The exhaust manifold has been custom made and ceramic coated and will be wrapped at a later date. As you can see i will be running a screamer pipe hoping to get a Tial 44mm v band wastegate very soon
  3. Mk2 golf ABF Turbo

    Hi all sorry for the lack of updates didn't realise how long it had been since i last updated this! I'm you can understand due to my circumstances and my bad luck with Mv. was going to give up with this project but didn't due to reading and being inspired by so many if peoples projects, which has really helped. So the last 10months i've been hauling a few parts in, still got more to get but its a start in the right direction. I'll let the pictures do the talking. As you can see i've spent a small fortune haha. As i was left with a bare block, i had to buy everything again so took a trip to my local Vw dealership A little shocked but needs must i guess. My wallet considerable lighter i went about fitting them.
  4. Mk2 golf ABF Turbo

    Hi DUB DOCTOR this build will commence once I get some money back from Mv. In the end I dropped in a standard abf engine, so I could drive the car once again. At the moment in time I'm trying to sort auxiliaries as I have a full rebuilt, forged and balanced engine. So just a case of locating bits etc etc. I will update once I start hauling bits in.
  5. Mk2 golf ABF Turbo

    Folk lift is easy compared to a engine crane And is engine is much lighter than a bus one lol Sorry for the poor picture This engine bottom end has gone number 2 and 3 shells shoot aswell as the crank but the head and cams are perfectly alright. So if you after the head and cams pm me.
  6. Mk2 golf ABF Turbo

    Hi all had a bit more bad luck with this car unfortunately the standard Abf lump that I fitted decided to blow the bottom end never the less I cant less this get me down so I removed it . Trying my very best not to scratch the bay
  7. Mk2 golf ABF Turbo

    I hope Ill be smiling when the turbo is done. Getting the car to this point took some hard work with lack of funds etc. Did you decide what you were gonna do with your car? Feel free to pm about it m8 as its a shame whats happended to all of us involved
  8. Mk2 golf ABF Turbo

    Thanks for the comment Brad im gonna try use it as a daily lol
  9. Mk2 golf ABF Turbo

    More updates and pics to be added soon
  10. Mk2 golf ABF Turbo

    Still got some electrics to do, as im running the battery and screen washer bottle in the boot. Im hoping to have it ready for early edition not sure if its good enough for show and shine.The car will be my daily
  11. Mk2 golf ABF Turbo

    After I new it run I set out to make the brakes work. It cost a bomb though it needed two rear caliper , servo and master cylinder from where they had left the car outside in the rain ! The car now looks like this :
  12. Mk2 golf ABF Turbo

    Shortly after fitting this found out that my fuel pump, and lines were missing, so set to work ordering more parts that I shouldn't be paying for and fitting them.Once I fitted all the parts I attempted to wire it up, and a few problems like the ht leads wont in the right place so took a while to work it out.It fired up strait away but then it would cut out, my old man new the problem strait away a wire had been cut on the immobiliser, once repaired it ticked over lovely and sounded nice with no exhaust lol.
  13. Mk2 golf ABF Turbo

    I wanted the dash out anyway as they had it out and im so glad I did after find live wires touching the body! I brought a flocked dash a while so I fitted it,looks different but I like it.
  14. Mk2 golf ABF Turbo

    By trade im a bus mechanic obviously I not its not a bus but an engines an engine .I'm not sparky but luckily my old man is, that saved me some money. He got to work on the engine loom repairing loads of cut wires extending wires etc. The loom was ripped out by mv with no care or thought!
  15. Mk2 golf ABF Turbo

    Unfortunately I didn't have to the funds to buy all the auxiliaries for my turbo engine, so I just thought I would put in another standard abf engine, for the time being to build up funds once again.Even though ive been ripped off I love this car and cant let it go called me sad or whatever lol.