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  1. MK2 Oak Green - OEM Guise

    oak green with a abf 16v is are you using the original abf digi ecu?
  2. MK2 Golf VR6 project

    Think your going to regret selling this
  3. Alpine White MK2 VR6

    Cant beat a fresh fully rebuilt vr6 engine. Your mk2 is perfect . Just needs a supercharger and it's all done Nimal
  4. MK2 Oak Green - OEM Guise

    17s looks good on 90spec big bumper models
  5. Mk2 16v - Tornado Red

    That's beautiful, kinda rare to see a mk2 gti with its standard 16v engine. 97% of them all had engine swaps . Hope it stays oem
  6. 8v, Mk2, GTI, Blue

  7. My first Mk2 Golf GTI + resto

    You gona restore it back to oe monza blue with the small bumpers? Nimal
  8. HELP WANTED FOLKS has anybody done this?

    Its a porsche soo its gona be expensive even the service and car parts are expensive
  9. Al's mk3 vr6 turbo build

    Wow . That turbo is Huge
  10. The Slow Burning Mk2

    do like a mk2 20vt and by the way your color is L52M schwarzblau which is rare Link http://www.edition38.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=443723
  11. mk1 jetta coupe

    bet thing to do is plan. Find the coupe in the uk or europe and plan a road trip you and your mate with a trailer etc. much cheaper than getting it shipped over unless your buying from America etc then thats different.
  12. mk1 jetta coupe

    better off finding a 2 door coupe shell in Europe or over here if you can find one.
  13. project ripped off

    This. Cant wait to see what colour you choose. I hope this is going to be the same level as your mk2 vrt . what happend to it? all the people that cares why its called project rip off instead of your build thread
  14. Yogicharging! mk1 G60 cabrio

    20vt you know it makes sense
  15. Operation Legacy Code Jetta VR

    this has loads of potential