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  1. Measuring block numbers on vag com

  2. anti lag,how and who?

    what turbo do you have on it ?
  3. Wossner pistons, zrp rods.

    i`d go with wossner pistons, had 2 sets now, vr6 and 1.8t i`d recommend Pauter rods never heard of the rods you mentioned
  4. Audi TT ECU Failure! help?!

    yes it is, you need to speak to united motorsport, he knows ecus inside out
  5. K04 Turbo - EGT Delete?

    http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Innovate-MTX-D-Digital-Exhaust-Gas-Temperature-EGT-Gauge-Kit-3854-/120918819845?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item1c2752c405#ht_5136wt_1265 this is the kit you need ok a bit more expensive, i run the next set up, this make is good
  6. K04 Turbo - EGT Delete?

    can you not use it for an aftermarket egt gauge? probably the best way to see if theres any problems with the engine and helps with remap
  7. Haldex Diff Not Working

    yoou locked the stepper motor in position, and turned on the pump ?
  8. Haldex Diff Not Working

    lock the stepper motor, switch on the pump, but by doing that you have permanent 4wd which the haldex isnt designed to do
  9. Haldex Diff Not Working

    you need to control the stepper motor as well as the switching on the pump, the stepper motor controls the oil flow to the clutch to lock up the diff basically which is controlled with a 5v feed from the abs
  10. Haldex Diff Not Working

    so your running a 12v feed to the pump ? whats generating the pulse the stepper needs in the haldex?
  11. lookin very nice, i was only just asking about going air on my t5 other day to a mate in the business, how much was the air? is good enough for everyday use on a t30 4mo and still have the weight when its needed
  12. wilwood four pots

    lol no i cant help, i`m also looking for a caliper kit but maybe they can help you, doesnt hurt to call them or drop them an email, they do sell a kit for a mk1 with 256 and 280`s
  13. wilwood four pots

    My link
  14. smoothing sealer

    well, done a bit today, got it smoothed quite nicely, now its only gone and shrunk and crazed, will a second coat help lose the crazing ?
  15. smoothing sealer

    ok cheers, found something on the web, they suggest piping the sealer on and using a lubricant wax or grease remover, ie turps i reakon they mean, spray it on the sealer then smoothing off with a brush,