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  1. Capri Green in London (Build Thread)

    I do like those wheels, maybe something for the future.
  2. Capri Green in London (Build Thread)

    Thank you all, much appreciated.
  3. Capri Green in London (Build Thread)

    Another update, sorry for the delay but have been busy with moving home and work. managed to get the wheels finished off originally got these with black centres and faded lips. had the centres done metallic gold and the lips polished with satin black barrels, and finished of with new stainless steel bolts. also got the interior re-trimmed by the guys at MJ Interiors with new carpet, Recaro seats up front trimmed in grey tweed with original rear seats and door cards to match. also got a few bits of trim done. Some retro Graphics that I got off eBay and trimmed to fit the Jetta, this was an impulse buy but I think it worked out well. Finally managed to get down to Players Classic.
  4. Mk1 R32

    Beautiful car great build...
  5. Mk1 Golf Gti - Project

    amazing work, well done...
  6. amazing, great work and love the fact that its done on a drive way...
  7. project foxy

    really nice work, I have one of these as a work car so good to see how it could look...
  8. Capri Green in London (Build Thread)

    just a little update of some wheels i built as slightly something different, but didn't like how they looked so sold them... few pictures from players show Also got a little picture in PVW magazine, not a full feature but I am happy lol...
  9. Audi TT 225 Quattro

    Very nice, loved this...
  10. Capri Green in London (Build Thread)

    Haven't done an update in a while due to work, but thought id do one, update includes air lift kit with v2 autopilot new wheels while my splits get built and a few engine bits, not major but I haven't forgotten it... Westside Show Edition 38
  11. mk2 jetta 1.8 16v zx9r bike carbs *pic heavy*

    Very nice, great work...
  12. Capri Green in London (Build Thread)

    little update :wave:
  13. Miami Vice

    Lovely car mate...