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  1. Alots changed Update soon Follow @nathan_lowcollective
  2. Worst update ever but just a heads up to let you know whats happening. Car has now been its new colour for 3 weeks Bay is smoothed All chassis and engine parts chrome powdercoated Loom lengthened and hidden Interior back in (until retrim in feb) Wheels redrilled 16-18" Step up parts ordered (building another set) Engine is now with my mate to freshen up and paint and ive polished all engine and chassis bolts. So yeah loads happening all ready for its unveil at UD16 Follow me on instagram @nathan_lowcollective for pics Cheers
  3. Another MK4

    As always well deserved dude
  4. LowCollective German Car Show 13/09/15

    Big thanks to everyone that came and made the show a success. See you next year
  5. Yesterday i decided it was time to fit up my knackered engine. Why? Well while i wait for the replacement it gives me a good oppurtunity to start running and extending looms so when shes back from paint it will just be plug and play. I also got to a see a very dirty version of how it will look when complete. Now time to work out where to run and hide all the loom. Also work out what i can delete and how. Any info on the Vacuum system delete etc please let me know Cheers
  6. LowCollective German Car Show 13/09/15

    1 month to go
  7. LowCollective German Car Show 13/09/15

    Thanks kev We can now add Syco Graphics into that list aswel as our friends at Team Extreme with there road legal drag cars
  8. Last week the A8 was finally on the road which meant the bora was destined for the unit. It made it lol The next day i got started ripping into the bays deconstruction And yesterday it was out and a few more bits removed I also cleaned the bay lol Now the fun begins working out where to put the loom etc Also took delivery of a couple of items for the V6 There guna give the V6 the look i want Thanks for reading P.S Rials still for sale
  9. Paul, ali-cat Cheers guys defo agree about the silver. Change of colour will defo be happening Elek Tbf it was well packaged but we all know what delivery companies are like. Probabaly laid it on its back in a empty van going round country lanes
  10. LowCollective German Car Show 13/09/15

    Evening all Heres some of the awesome traders we have on board for the show Gepfeffert UK Felgen Werkes Auto Perfection SlammedUK Anticks Performance Detailers Passion (trophy sponsor prizes) AK Bodycraft The Bomb Shelter Extreme Offset Wheels Only Charged Dubs Demand Engineering Norfolk Detailing Burtz Boyz Aerocoat Plus plenty of food and drink stalls, raffle comp with a great 1st prize We also have many main dealers on board A day not to be missed Please Invite your friends to the show Thanks LowCollective
  11. So my bora then its been a while Lets start off with the fact its silver again Pics taken by @low_photography83 Looks alot better silver but that wont be for long. Still collecting parts for the smooth bay VR6 conversion Bought Georges US tailgate but thanks to the delivery company it now needs fixing So that will need sorting when it goes in for paint. Also if anyone is interested i have 2 sets of 5x100 Rial Daytona Race split rims for sale. Both sets available together for £1400. Pm me or search @nathan_lowcollective on instagram. Lastly ive also got a new daily that ive had a bit of work done too. As soon as the steering rack is sorted on the A8 the Bora will be off the road and getting ready for its colour change. Lastly dont forget to have our show in your diary for September 13th Cheers
  12. LowCollective German Car Show 13/09/15

    Thanks dude
  13. LowCollective German Car Show 13/09/15

    Cancel your holiday dan
  14. Gordon, Tom and myself (Nathan) are pleased to announce this years show date. Keep sunday 13th September 2015 free and come join us at Stonham Barns Show Ground. As with last year we are aiming for the same relaxed enjoyable vibe we heard so many of you complement the day on. Show and shine is available for all german vehicles that drive through the gate with no application necessary. We are aiming for more traders and clubstands this year so if you would like to be part of the show please get in touch. Our email is: info@lowcollective.com There will be the usual show activities throughout the day but we are having a top 20 show and shine instead and will have like last year plenty of sponsors trophies. With plenty of food choice, on site bar, live DJ, kids activities plus plenty of traders aswell as the on site activities such as the owl sanctuary and golf course should the quality of cars get to much for you. Please help spread the word theough social media and continue to give us the support you already have which we are so grateful for. See you soon Nathan LowCollective Merchandise available @ www.lowcollective.yourshirts.co.uk
  15. 1988 polar silver mk2

    So #average