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  1. Can some one answer this? Wouldn't mind selling a set.
  2. My Pearl Grey Mk2

    Back in 2011 bought it off Jes and sold it back to him, don't ask lol But you have taken it to another level, props to you fella!
  3. My Pearl Grey Mk2

    Why did I ever sell this Looks even better now mind, looked awesome at the weekend.
  4. UD 14 - the fall out

    I saw some young girl pull her self up to look into the engine bay of the yellow R8, her parents did nothing. I was speechless.
  5. UD 14 - the fall out

    My only rant would be that Cupra Popping and Banging every 30 mins... mainly because I jumped like a little girl every time
  6. Cheers Ashley, read that in your guide! Will do without the wax for now.
  7. Figured I'd ask in this thread to save starting a new one. I'm fine with all the steps up to wax/sealant. I've recently bought a DA with the A/F revitalize kit, once I've corrected the paint do I seal then wax or vise versa? I've picked up some A/F Tough Coat, will that be enough with out wax?
  8. OEM shocks on low car? (need help asap)

    Cant see it being a problem, it will obviously drive like poo as the shocks preload wont be designed for lows but other than that should be fine for a few months.
  9. Auto Finesse Weekly Waxathon

    54 second guess
  10. Diffs, a serious thread of seriousness.

    I have an LSD on my Mini GP, turn the traction control off and its awesome, just constantly grips!
  11. My Pearl Grey Mk2

    I've been waiting for this to appear, did briefly own this car for a few days! Looks like you've put some work into her, looks awesome!!