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  1. Mk1 Golf Full Rebuild

    Yes Conor!
  2. Rich's Mk1 Jetta. Soon to be Mtdi

    Yeaaaaaahhh buddy I've never had so much fun as I had in that van covering people in convertibles in black smoke!
  3. Not that my opinion will be valued here but it's a small light car if you want it to be fun build a high compression motor on throttle bodies(9a or ALT), you've got the money and resources especially now Bens involved. A 20v turbo in any form in an old car is a bit of a cop out in my eyes especially as its being built as a demo car for a company which doesn't sell 20v turbo parts.
  4. Different set of wheels dude but I'm actually thinking about getting these painted black, I've started hoarding parts for a man sized turbo swap so watch this space
  5. my mk5 gti

    This is going to be a monster!!!
  6. New brakes and engine mounts And played with the suspension a bit.
  7. 50 Shades of Grey

    Lowered it all by herself!
  8. My Edition 30

    Looking sweet dude!!!
  9. Nothing exciting
  10. ESVW - MKV GTI Build Thread

    Well this is looking like its going to turn out rather awesome! :-D
  11. Dropped the front a bit in prep for Prept tomorrow! Hopefully see some of you there!
  12. Right if one more person asks me if my wheels are rotiform IND replicas I am going on a rampage!