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    Driving the golf, fixing the golf, drinking the booze, getting the sleep . .. ow and the Gf x

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  1. Big Ecks stage 2+ MK2 Leon Cupra 364bhp

    lovely car mate
  2. B6 wagon. A working progress........

    lov these
  3. MPG Dropped Dramatically

    Hay matei, they all seam to be fine, but will have to proper look on weekend. thanks
  4. MPG Dropped Dramatically

    ill take a look after work matei, pretty shore it s fine but checking never hurt!
  5. My caddy 2K

    love caddys
  6. The American!

    love it
  7. MPG Dropped Dramatically

    yep yep ill have to check, will it show on a vcds scan? if so which module ? well only runnung VCDS-lite so cant do a full auto scan. so have to scan each module not done yet. had a look and a smell, not that i can see/smell. unless damaged tank or lines under as not checked them yet.
  8. MPG Dropped Dramatically

    yer not gone up a great deal here really, plus the MPG droped to quick for it to be because of cost. oil,oil filter, fuel filter, air and cabin filters. also dissconceted the battery for a hour to see if it was holding anything in memory .
  9. MPG Dropped Dramatically

    Hiya matei its a :- 2000 mk4 golf TDi (baby AGR) Serviced it beginning of the month all filters. Before i was getting 30-40 MPG (on trip computer so not perfect) using £15-20 worth of fuel, since service getting 35-50 MPG and putting £30-35 on same trip
  10. MPG Dropped Dramatically

    Oks since i did my service on the old girl my MPG seams to have dropped a lot, the clocks MPG says i am getting mid 40's on the way to work and back when before i was getting low to mid 30's but having to fuel up more. for example i put £20 in a week which used to get me to work and back all week and to the gym now i am putting it between £30-35. other day £20 lasted me 99miles before light poped up. This is becoming a pain in the arse as i am driving more Eco but not getting any gain from it, the cost is getting outa hand as i get pained * all for what i do. so need it sorting. i have scanned it with a bluetooth OBD2 conector and the torque app scans come out clean, theres is no smell of fuel in engine bay, around the car or when driving. the car seams to be driving the same no more no less power. Any ideas what can be as i would be grateful for any help.
  11. love the colour, looks spot on
  12. New Polo 6R GTi

    unlucky mate,
  13. My new Car

    thats amazing :ph34r:
  14. MK3 GOLF GTI Wacky Rally car

    classs love it
  15. Random Electrical Fault !

    2000 Mk4 golf, yer with a aftermarket stereo.