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  1. VW TRANSPORTER T5 build

    The colour is just amazing!!!!
  2. Techie needed touran rns510 stereo handsfree

    100% under driver seat
  3. AUDI A3 8L

    Guys never done this before but i need the assistance of this forum, So I'm trying to swap the head unit on an 8L A3 with Bose. I have over come the issue with the amp connection which i was stuck on. but the final thing left is that i cant seem to get the unit to pick up any radio signal , i assume that it requires a power supply for the aerial but cant seem to find where to power it. any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance
  4. Wow , coming along nicely, Love a MK1 project
  5. rns 315

    You should consider the RNS510 unit , which has a bigger screen and sd card slot and internal hard drive for music, i have a few of these units for sale brand new DAB type dm me for more info
  6. 06 Touran - anyone else!?

    Have one myself , started the modifying bug even though i said i wouldn't. so far kept it simple, added the R-Line front to it , black rear lights, xenon OEM , OEM LED foglight upgrade from Skoda Fabia upgrade & RNS510 Looking for a new set of wheels now , have the Audi Monoblocks in sight , but cant find a decent set anywhere.
  7. Vw touran match project!

    Fit looks amazing, such a clean install .
  8. Audi S8 D2

    Always wanted one of these D2's
  9. My Take Up So Far

    Looks sharp
  10. Mk5 Golf GTi

    Surprisingly TPS are not as expensive as you may think, usually between 40-50% off serviceable items with a trade discount
  11. Try these guys , they have been going for years http://www.cemoore.co.uk/ based in NW10
  12. Touran GTI

    Dude as legendary as this is , I think you should consider fitting the factory LED headlights to this that would give it that menacing look.
  13. Touran GTI

    Was speaking to someone about doing a R32 conversion for my Touran. Just seemed like too much work though.
  14. Touran GTI

    One word LEGEND!!!!
  15. a3 8p single din to double din?

    Have a look at the link, if anyone can they can http://hazzydayz.com/