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  1. The BMP 9n

    US markers! Read my mind! love it
  2. Mk5 Jetta

    Lovely car, looking forward to seeing it bagged!
  3. Black 9n3 GTI 390 BHP

    New wheels look the nut!
  4. Wiring manual management single compressor

    could you take some pictures of your wiring? might help me get my head round it more
  5. Polo 9n 2002

    I would have thought so, but just your everyday car it would be ok, I think this new set up will be like coilovers handling wise with the added benefit of any height I want
  6. Polo 9n 2002

    Well, anti roll bar was removed on my old set up and to be fair it wasn't the worst but you tell it rolling. the car is off the road at the minute and I haven't installed the bags yet, I'm hoping it will be a lot better as it will be more like normal suspension instead of sharing the air between each side
  7. Polo 9n 2002

    Haha tyres were rubbing the arches!
  8. Polo 9n 2002

    Nope sold it on, got this new one though, vair 400c compressor, bigger tank, 10mm air lines (so its faster) and 4 valves! Each wheel independent All importantly, it will go even lower! Tucking 16's probably
  9. Polo 9n 2002

    Long time no update, been quite busy, decided to keep the car its off the road so I decided to paint some bits and made a special purchase. A teaser :ph34r:
  10. Polo 9n3 5 door

    Looks sweet mate nice colour !!!!
  11. Polo 9n 2002

    air's gone car next
  12. Polo 9n 2002

    its a rayvern kit, and its still for sale pm'd
  13. Klenk's Caddy

    worth every penny!
  14. Polo 9n 2002

  15. Polo 9n 2002

    Not much going on with the car, someone smashed my wing mirror! And my head unit stopped working! Lovely Air is now for sale!!! Make me offers!