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  1. Fueled Society 11/12 July 2015 The Tetley, Leeds

    Cut off date for exhibit application is 3rd July 2015
  2. Visit www.fueledsociety.com for more details regarding this years [/url] http://s773.photobucket.com/user/ccgti/media/image.jpg2_zpsnanv6nrh.jpg.html][/url]
  3. Cleaning split rim bolts.

    Strip them, refurb them and buy new bolts, they shouldn't rust.
  4. 2001 beetle central locking & window problems

    No it's jammed up (the lock) Daft question but where can I find the module
  5. Hi I have a 2001 2L beetle and recently I have fitted a new window regulater on the passenger side and it needed a new battery. Everything worked ok until Monday night, the central locking has stopped working and the window won't go down, all the regulaters are in good condition and I also changed the battery in the key fob but nothing has worked. Does anyone know which fuse it is for the central locking? Please help
  6. Mk2 1.3C Type 19 - Bagged, Centre Lock, VR6

    Looking good, can't wait to see the final product
  7. Dannyboi's Audi TT Build

    I like this, keep it up, you planning on trimming the rear bench
  8. Fueled Society 2013!

    Hi guys thanks for all the great feed back For a second show & a first show including camping I thing we made the show flow nicely. We try and create a laid back vibe at our show and we tried to put on entertainment that would suit all genres of people. As for the fair that situation was totally out of our control and we also think they should have been running through the night. (We adviced the fair to run the rides through the night) We where pleased with the quality of cars that came to event and so far we have had some great feedback and we know that the show needs some fine tuning. Its our second event and all we can do is try and test different things. We hope to see you all at future events we hold and please give us some genuine feed back so we can make it even better. Thank Roger
  9. Fueled Society 2013!

    Fingers crossed the weather stays like this Tomorrow is the deadline for camping tickets
  10. Fueled Society 2013!

    Weekend tickets still available so get on it http://www.fueledsociety.com/p/tickets_19.html?m=1
  11. I wish, been a few years since I was last there. Awesome weekend
  12. Fueled Society 2013!

    Anyone organising a club stand please email fueledsociety@gmail.com Take advantage of camping in the grounds of Nostell Priory, listening to live bands all night or a selection of DJ's This year Northern Streats are providing the street food, beetle-juice are making the cocktails from their converted bay window camper. We have advantageous providing upto 30 stalls selling everything vintage as well as our own trades & sponsors Kids & grown ups can enjoy the fun fair The Show is Dog friendly as long as its kept on a lead within the show ground. Only 4 weeks away
  13. Fueled Society 2013!

    Best thing to do is to keep a eye on the Facebook page for all the updates https://www.facebook.com/events/530342713670599/
  14. Fueled Society 2013!

    On Sunday you can pay on the gate, cheers
  15. Fueled Society 2013!

    Nice pile of weekend tickets have been posted today, limited camping tickets so please don't miss out