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  1. Mk1 golf driver R

    One of the best, love this car man
  2. Mk1 ABF Kjet Automobile

    Thanks man! Shame ive not driven it in over a year
  3. Mk1 ABF Kjet Automobile

  4. Mk1 ABF Kjet Automobile

    Doorcards are made from thin plywood and wrapped in material with pop inserts for the doors and the other panels, cage was custom made by previous owner.
  5. MK1 Derby Polo

    I've always loved these and wouldn't mind owning one, looks good so far
  6. The Bluesmobile! Illinois Edition mk1

    awesome work as always dude!
  7. Mk1 ABF Kjet Automobile

    So I decided against buying a headlight loom just yet and now the passenger has a seat Untitled by timtim39, on Flickr Untitled by timtim39, on Flickr Doesn't take a genius to see the seats don't match, might buy a brand new driver seat eventually Next on list is get it MOT ready
  8. Dans White MK1 Golf - THE BUILD

    Awesome work man, coming together good!
  9. 2 x Berg Cup Mk1s - RWD 1.8T and 2.0 ABF 16v

    Awesome project man! Can't wait see it all finished
  10. That silver mk3

    Haha yeah just need a spoiler the size of the moon and a rollcage and you'll nearly be there
  11. mk3 golf

    can't wait for this come back shinsean
  12. That silver mk3

    really like the new look Shaun
  13. Mk1 ABF Kjet Automobile

    Drove three lonnnng hours to scarborough to pick up some wheels, got them for a decent price all because the owner didn't spell the ad correct ha 16x7 and 16x8 the rears need a bit of work.. Didn't get a photo of the fronts as it was chucking it down, Carcycle by timtim39, on Flickr Can't wait to get it back on the road Been lucky as my good friend Sammy C has given me some tyres for my new wheels so the cookie cutters will be up for sale very soon. Next buy is a headlight loom off of ebay as the previous owner decided HID's were a good option and conpletely butchered the original loom to say the least.