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  1. Another MK4

    engine will look perfect when painted perfect
  2. Golf Anni on air, staggered bsb rc

    not by much mate, ourely at the top dude
  3. Golf Anni on air, staggered bsb rc

    not many good example reds left now dude cheers bud, yeah i remembe..... funny nyt that was cheers bud thanks mate
  4. Back to a Mk4

    where did you get the slam panel stickers from mate?
  5. Back to a Mk4

  6. Golf Anni on air, staggered bsb rc

    Done a lot more wrk on getting the stance perfect and getting underneath that little bit better. Rear archs had to be rolled 2mm at a time to get it perfect and not damage the paint. Fitted section subframe on front and had the passenger driveshaft notches and the track rod arms notched. I wanted it done like factory so my mate used oem bag sealer and kept it looking absolutely perfect and original. Ditched the wide wing idea as I had the room in the end to tuck. And good pic from edition38
  7. Golf Anni on air, staggered bsb rc

    cheers guy thanksd mate cheers mate, appreciate it
  8. Back to a Mk4

    looking lovely mate, always flick to this thread, love the updates
  9. hi.. looking at getting the following codes completely taken out of the system loop if possible drivers seat airbag passengers seat airbag low oil level senser anybody in the south wales area that can help or ill be at ultimate stance aswell from sat morning if there is somebody going up there with vagcom chees guys
  10. Back to a Mk4

    yeah when its tucked up off the road there is no rush or stress is there, you got any plans to strip back further??
  11. Back to a Mk4

    nice to see some one getting the underside/arches of the car clean again. good job mate
  12. project 1033 OEM+ 25th Anniversary

    see you in 2018 mate :P all joking aside mate, absolutley love what you have done with this, perfect choices as always
  13. Golf Anni on air, staggered bsb rc

    Started the strip down to get these front wheels tucking. Get it to tuc running 18" with 35 profile tyres isn't the easiest. While stripping I either got parts re-done or bought new. Also fitting the raised subframe Here is one of my wide wings trial fitted, these are oem metal wings re-worked so will fit absolutely perfect. Cleaned all under the wings aswell ready for the pinch weld section to be folded up Also has trim Delux know me up a matching pair of gaitors. Used same material as my pole positions and had them done in White stiching. Loads more to come
  14. Mk2 TFSI

    proper loving this mate, hopefully see it in the flesh sometime