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  1. URGENT Locking Nut Help OEM Volkswagen

    Yer this is what the guy asked me...luckily a mate of mine works for Audi UK and had a master set I borrowed to remove the old ones...wouldnt have been difficult to work out which one it was, square 9 splined key...picked it out of the box first time. Oh well, thanks for the help everone
  2. URGENT Locking Nut Help OEM Volkswagen

    Ended up getting a full set of non-VW lockers instead, TPS wanted £55 for a whole set...no single nut jobby at alll
  3. URGENT Locking Nut Help OEM Volkswagen

    Will head to TPS tomorrow, thanks
  4. URGENT Locking Nut Help OEM Volkswagen

    Would like to avoid mullering the nuts if possible as the other 3 are on alloys and are fine, would be ideal if I can get cold of a replacement key. Thanks for the help so far
  5. URGENT Locking Nut Help OEM Volkswagen

    Problem is I need to get the space saver off to fit the wheel with newly fitted tyre
  6. URGENT Locking Nut Help OEM Volkswagen

    Ok great thanks, I assume they're the original ones as the key was in the polystyrene bit under the boot floor. Do you have a rough idea of how much they are?
  7. Missus had a blowout last night, I went out to change the tyre and the locking nut has gone walkies since then. It's the OEM one with 9 square splines, anyone know of this is a generic VW fitment locking key or if she'll need a complete new set? Thanks
  8. one for the air ride boys

    Or look at static+ kits which is a small airbag that goes on the top of a Coilover to allow you to raise up slightly for speed bumps etc but still keep it fairly low for day to day use
  9. one for the air ride boys

    If you were to go for a management system like V2 Autopilot then you can have your lowest preset set to exactly where you want it. Most people would go down the air route for the parked up fully dropped look... If you're not interested in that then I'd go for a decent set of Coilovers and just go for a happy medium of low, but not too low.
  10. Mapping management light out after egr blank

    Not exactly close but Motech in Northampton can do it
  11. Turbos and Warranty... What to expect?

    That's what I'm worried about at the moment... Hasn't been a single problem since being fitted but now it's leakinb oil, full oil changes twice a year regardless of if it needs it or not. Again proving all this may be a bit of a different story...
  12. 17hrs before I'm supposed to be taking my Caddy to the Nurburgring and I find out that the turbo is leaking oil. It's covered 12k miles since it was fitted and is an uprated unit from a diesel specialist capable of 200hp but is around 180ish. If it is the turbo what can I expect in terms of a warranty or what SHOULD I expect? Any help appreciated Thanks
  13. Injector Cleaning

    United Diesel are who I used... That was new seals etc aswell... Not sure if you've got petrol or diesel ones
  14. Airbag leaking

    Is it definitely the bag and not one of the lines? I had a line rub on my MK4 on the front, just got 2 female ended connectors and chopped the line, whack the connector in and it was absolutely fine
  15. Audi S2 N300

    Jesus Gav that thing goes like a bat our of hell! Starting to look good though