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    Dubs, bikes and women!!!
  1. Ali's A4 cabby

    Doesn't matter if its boring. Progress is progress!
  2. Vabrics Audi B5 S4

    Where did you get the paint from for the calipers and what type of paint is is?( as in brush, spray, top coat etc) Looks awesome!
  3. Ali's A4 cabby

    Like an innocent orange smoothie!!!!!? Luv it, luv it!!!!!
  4. Vabrics Audi B5 S4

    The number 11's pic is epic! Proper made me smile!!!! Where did you get your flexes from for your piggie pipes? I've got the same pipes and thought the same thought about the lack of flex as yourself! Wouldn't mind doing that too!
  5. Pics or it didn't happen!
  6. Ali you thread hi-jacking legend!
  7. My low mileage B5 S4

    Ah what!!!!!!!!!! That looks amazing!!!!!!
  8. Ali's A4 cabby

    What an effing weekend eh fella!!!! Missing it already! Lol!
  9. Ali's A4 cabby

    20's on. Bootlid rings off. Bosh, sorted!!!!! Lol!
  10. Sammy's RALLYE :)

    Can't believe your selling the rallye!!! But please get an ed30, don't buy a griffin! They depreciate like mad, look tacky and you only have to fart on the seat to put the management light on or for them to break!
  11. This is what you need..........!
  12. My low mileage B5 S4

    Ah what!!! Don't change the wood! It looks awesome and must come as a package with the red seat trim! It's different too and looks individual! Don't carbon it to look the same as other rs4'/s4's or fit in with the scene police on here! I think it looks mint how it is!
  13. My low mileage B5 S4

    Cheers for the heads up mate!! On a none thread hijacking note!!!! Loving this! Right up my street!!!! It was the interior that made me buy my S4 too, silk nappa recaros!!!! You won't go wrong with this car and keep the updates coming!!!!
  14. OMG!!!!!!!! Seriously?!?! Movie references are truly wasted on some people!!!
  15. Oh yes! Now ya talking!!! Loving the catalogue of pics too! Proper well thought out!