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  1. Does it affect the brake clearance? They are 8.5 et15 and need to fit over 8P S3 front calipers? He said they went over b5 s4 fronts with a 10mm caliper. Thanks
  2. Just another bagged mk6...

    Looks good dude. What tyres you got on the 3sdms?
  3. Nice start What size tyres are on the 3sdsm at the moment?
  4. John's Mkv Edition30

    Awesome carbon work! It's inspired me to give it ago
  5. Everybody meet Mick Hucknell !

    Does that decat only fit standard system? I'm after one but I have a 3" cat back already.
  6. No reply yet was really looking forward to this show. I got accepted last year in my Clio but couldn't make it.
  7. Awesome car, only thing I dislike is the US spec front.
  8. SceneDaily Rolling Road Day 30.03.2014

    Will be there with a few mates
  9. Ahh awesome yeah it is thanks mate. I agree, I've seen a number of quality cars been turned down now, yours included. It's the only show that causes so much controversy lol. It's not that, people have lots of plans and are running out of time. If they haven't been accepted into UD there's no point rushing the job to get it done. If you know your car is going to be inside one of the best shows in the UK then you are going to want it looking it's best.
  10. Crazy mate, I don't feel as bad if your MK4 got rejected too haha. Lovely car. What stand are you on?
  11. VW DAYS 2014

    I'd be up for this too, along with a few mates.
  12. Same as you mate. I'm not really keen on this Saturday idea and I live down the road!
  13. Airlift Performance Struts MK5

    I'll add that to the list to check tomorrow, cheers! It definitely seems to be coming from near the top mount though.
  14. Hi there, I'm getting a creaking noise from the right strut when turning left stationary or low speeds. Could it be the bearing? Are these replaceable like the slam series struts? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  15. Yeah I know of a couple of people who've been accepted. Most seem to be let you know by the end of the month or in January etc.