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  1. Golden Oldie

    Don't sell it you where doing it so nice ..
  2. Lupo project - fresh paint

    Plus I bet who ever chucked paint stripper at it fell in a hole and now you have an ausome motor !
  3. Lupo project - fresh paint

    Loving the polished wheels and going all out on the interiour on your own props..
  4. low-life daily mk3.

    Giving me ideas ..
  5. Dan's rusty rado...

    Looks the dogs mate, crack on ...
  6. One oft fav bilds yet keep up the good work !
  7. Jazz Blue Mk4 - now BaGGinG!

    Converted ! More things like this and I'm going to have to buy a modern Motoa myself ...
  8. The bane of my existence

    Pure , perfection as yet loving it and will be keeping a close eye on ya