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  1. Static MK3 Cabby

    looks awesome dude
  2. 'LOPO'

    gutted i missed this and a few other silly 6n/6n2s. looks crazy man
  3. Purple Lurple

    looks killer Adam you've nailed it mate big love from your northern brothers. role on UD
  4. Mk-6 golf, ** Build thread **

    looks unreal mate
  5. Shaun's Audi A3

    They look awesome Shaun. I like the gold if I'm honest. On another note, how did you slip them? I have a set on 17s and was told by the seller they are 2 piece but can't see how to split them :/
  6. Joe's Mk3 Ibiza

    stop being a pussy! you dont need a spring!
  7. Honda powered vw ( man spec polo )

    awesome, cant wait to see more progress
  8. Mk-6 golf, ** Build thread **

    such an awesome car mate, just the fitment lets it down slightly for me
  9. Purple Lurple

    Agreed^^^ one on modern lines is amazing can't wait to see the RSs on bro
  10. low mk2

  11. Purple Lurple

    I like your face Adam Get some pics of the rear!
  12. Purple Lurple

    US stuff looks sweet Adam
  13. StillStatic edition30

    awesome, fact its static makes it slightly more pleasing to me for some reason