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  1. Best QD - Silver

    I love the gloss that Sonax bsd gives the paint, the crazy water behaviour is just a bonus! Only thing it lacks is a slick feel, but that's because of it great hydrophobic nature, and that's what gives it such amazing self cleaning to me. People on this forum are so fast to judge.
  2. I recently bought Wolf's Chemicals "the medium" one step polish (can't remember the product code). Gave it a quick test the other day on my bonnet, real nice to use, long working time and it didn't heat up much at all, which I like! Also contains no fillers, and being Wolf's, it's a great product without a bullpoo price
  3. Glass polishing.

    It's good for deep cleaning the glass in preparation for a coating. But for actual correction, it takes hours, and I'm sure on the mk2 rear screen that elite car care did, they started with sanding discs(?) and it took about 6 hours alone. I'd rather just buy a new screen
  4. And I still wouldn't buy it, even when layered up, it looks and acts like a half broken down wax. Not a fan.
  5. Or go with car chem hard shell, and get 500ml instead of 250ml, for less money... http://car-chem.com/store/hard-shell-liquid-paint-sealant
  6. It sounds like you're maybe taking it off too early. I usually wax about 1/2 - 3/4 of the car before I go back to the start and buff off. The thinner you apply it, the easier it will be to buff off, because all the stuff you're taking off is waste product. Too much waste means you'll clog up your cloth quickly making buffing a pain.
  7. What was your method applying/removing the wax? I found it easy to use to be honest? Blackhole is just a glaze though, so without any wax on top, it'll only last about a week really.
  8. And for cars, nothing comes close to mclaren. Sadly I can't afford one of those OP mentioned a budget, I can almost guarantee swissvax would be out of that budget I ordered angelwax dark angel and Ag last night, apparently they are filler heavy waxes, and they're budget friendly, so I'm excited about seeing how they are. Dark angel would be one for the OP I assume.
  9. Buy a couple buckets Buy a wash mitt, I like this one http://www.polishedbliss.co.uk/acatalog/microfiber-madness-incredimitt-cat3t.html but its sold out, this one is good too http://www.polishedbliss.co.uk/acatalog/meguiars-lambswool-wash-mitt-cat3.html A good shampoo - http://www.polishedbliss.co.uk/acatalog/wolfs-chemicals-auto-shampoo-cat3.html Get some clay off ebay. And some http://www.polishedbliss.co.uk/acatalog/auto-finesse-glide-cat7.html It a bit expensive, but this is by far the best for white cars! http://www.polishedbliss.co.uk/acatalog/werkstat-prime-carnauba-cat9.html This to use with the werkstat. http://www.polishedbliss.co.uk/acatalog/meguiars-microfibre-applicator-pad-cat24.html#aMasterMGMF0000 If you want a carnauba wax, then this http://www.polishedbliss.co.uk/acatalog/poorboys-nattys-white-paste-wax-cat13.html cheap and easy to use. I love this wax applicator http://www.polishedbliss.co.uk/acatalog/auto-finesse-waxmate-cat24.html Put them all together, and you have one glossy, smooth, sexy white polo! Wheel brushes, foam applicators, detailing brushes etc etc are mostly cheapest from ebay. Edit, have a look on YouTube for chemical guys' videos, they have some pretty good how to's etc, there's also loads more on there.
  10. Glaze to fill the scratches, so, Poorboy's blackhole, Prima Amigo, Autobrite Cherry Glaze etc etc Or an all in one polish, with will lightly polish the paint, fill the scratches, and lay a base of sealant/wax. Like Autofinesse tripple, or autoglym super resin polish Then a wax, as you're on a budget, Poorboy's Natty's blue paste wax. Lasts a good 2-3 months, smells fantastic and is stupid easy to use. You can also get this as a spray, making it even easier.
  11. I think the last thread about this turned out to be a bent hub.
  12. Gtechniq C5

    There is also nanolex, carpro, gyeon, carbon collective, wolfs chemicals etc etc etc etc All pretty much the same, depends how much you want to spend it seems.
  13. The swearing doesn't offend me, it just makes you sound like a child. Or like you're trying to swear.