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  1. 1984 PD130

    Fantastic example man. Can I ask what size the e30s are?
  2. '88 Small Bumper Jetta GTi 8v.

    Were the LMs 17x7.5 all round? what were the final ets after adapters?
  3. VR6 engine swap help needed

    Absolutely everything is plugged into the fusebox; apart from what was loose on the vr6, that stuff is still loose on the new setup. Cam and crank are perfect and it's definitely getting fuel. Y slots are connected. It's that black and red wire on the coilpack isn't getting feed from the ECU. Dunno why.
  4. VR6 engine swap help needed

    109 is good. Clicks when I turn the ignition. So odd that the only way u can get spark is it I splice into the black and red cable from the coilpack and tap it on an earth when I'm turning it over.
  5. VR6 engine swap help needed

    OBD 1 vr6 into 1994 1.4. It's all in and wired up. It's turning over, but not sparking. Theres a signal wire that goes to the coil pack that comes from the ECU, a black and red wire. If we impulse it on the ground we get spark, but can't otherwise. It's like the ECU isn't sending the signal to the ignition coil to spark. Anyone have any ideas or ever run into similar problems. We used the 1.4 fusebox. Mo
  6. vr6/r32 sump measurements

    Thread revival. Mk4 R32 or Mk5 R32 sump? Or are they the same?
  7. Rebuilding split wheels

    So when your rebuilding them, you assemble them, torque them up, everything, ad only then but a bead around the join?
  8. BBS RS Bolts

    I'll definitely end up using her when I split mine, heard nothing but good reports!
  9. Passat B5.5 Project

    As a solution to the rears wheels poking a bit too much at the top, would a few degrees negative camber be an easier option than milling a few mm from the back of the wheels? Might damage their resale value?
  10. This is too wierd, your silver B5 Passat has been inspiration for mine for months. Serious car! Have RSs here, 17x9/9.5 and air ordered, so should be rolling soon. Tell me, did you modify the inner wings/ turrets to allow the top control arms up that small bit higher? Or did you have any modifications other than air to get that low on the 17s?
  11. chrome powdercoated banded steelies

    Anyone that used this service have anymore pics to throw up? And say whether they're lacquered or not? Thinking about sending my baskets off.
  12. Stripping alloys

    What happened to Nitromors? New formula you say? That stuff has never failed me yet!
  13. mk5 jetta

    Looked great at Dubshed alright!
  14. Coolant Bottle replacement

    *Rad, not dad.
  15. Coolant Bottle replacement

    I want rid of the coolant expansion bottle on a mk2 vr6. I remember there was a thread on here about some one making a piece of stailess pipe with a filler cap on it that would go in place of the bottle? It fit on the rad pipes so it would all be in line and with it having the cap on it would mean it could still boil over? Basically eliminating the need for a top fill dad? Anyone have any info on it or know where the threads gone? Any info appreciated. Mo