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  1. Get well soon bro! Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

    That sits so cool...looks tough!
  3. A5 Mo style...

    Looks sick bro.
  4. Looks wicked on the summer rims bro.
  5. Project Chiken Wire

    Absolutley stunning car - hats off to the TUK guys! So, how many top bodyshops is that in Northampton now?...
  6. Low G60 Rado Fresh Beige Recaro's pg13

    Bro - thats looking sick!
  7. Grande Gti MK5 Gti page 119

    Looks tight bro!
  8. R32 ITB Vento

    Stunning Gareth, just gets better and better!
  9. My MK2 VR6 (before and after)

    Loving that...gonna be phat!
  10. Doeys Mk4 4Sale

    What a difference a set of wheels makes! Looks hot!!
  11. Where to get Stretched Tyres done, West Midlands

    Yup - based up at Curriers Close Industrial Estate, ask for Carl. HTH
  12. H4YBO

    Haybo>......gonna look stunning mate!
  13. Grande Gti MK5 Gti page 119

    Smashed it, Ricky!
  14. Front G60 arches on the rear?

    See pics of Stantons white Mk2, and also Richgits Mk2 on 10x17 rears. There used to also be a slammed black mk2 on polished 9x16 D90s with colour coded kit from germany iirc...looked stunning!