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  1. Need help for choosing correct tires on a Rallye

    Hi James, Just been on willtheyfit.com just checking how they fit. Ive put in your suggestion and and its 1.15% speedo reading out, If I use 195/40 fronts and 225/35 rear is 0.27% speedo out which is very close. Ive tried getting a 215 x 35 x 16 tire and cant get one for love or money in dunlop sp 9000, havnt tried others yet but always liked the sp9000. I havent a clue when it comes to tires, sorry if I sound like a tool but need to get them sorted for E38
  2. Hi, Got a set of BBS 131's and 132's which are 16". (8.5 front and 9.5 rear) Need help on choosing the crrect tires to fit. Need to keep the rolling radius the same because of the 4x4 setup. Been told by a friend that 195 x 40 x 16's up front and 215 x 35 x 16 on the rear Can someone confirm this is correct before I buy and also what stretch would be visible due to that tire choice, dont want stupid stretch, same time, dont want the tire wall hand over the lips. Thanks , Joe
  3. Northampton Edition 38 Forum Meeting @ The Queen Eleanor

    Anyone going down tomorrow?
  4. Northampton Edition 38 Forum Meeting @ The Queen Eleanor

    Think there all abroard mate?
  5. Northampton Edition 38 Forum Meeting @ The Queen Eleanor

    People, Is this on again on the 1st May? Get the rallye out in the sunshine
  6. Rallye headlights

    Ill have a look at the lights tomorrow, see what could be the issue. I just wanted to know if the mot tester could refuse to pass the mot with O.E lights? So far buying an uprated loom and brighter bulbs, but there 100 watt and it says it wont pass the mot with 100 watt bulbs on the packet lol I'll pizz myself if the tester says there to bright now
  7. Rallye headlights

    My argument is how can he refuse to pass the lights if they are like that from the factory? Then everyone with a rallye with standard lights must also fail there mot lol? My cars reasonably standard and i intend to keep it that way, im not adding tt parts or zenon kits, I shoudnt have to. Ive got all the previous mot certs and not once has the lights been an issue, can someone confirm if there is a lux or light level that it needs to reach to pass because if they are what they are and it still wont pass I can see me falling out with this chap!
  8. Rallye headlights

    Hi, final took the rallye in for the mot yesterday and the tester has failed it on the headlamps, said they dont have the correct output? Its the first rallye I've owned so have no experience on what the output should be but heard no end that rallye lights are useless. They projected a beam pattern but the tester said there is definetly a problem like a bad earth? The dipped beam is as bright as the side light (thats as best as can describe the lux levels) and one lamp comes on 1/2 a second later then the other. Someone told me that as long as it projects a light and the the beam angle is correct then it should pass. The tester has told me outright that he will not personaly pass the mot with the headlamps the way they are, that includes both of them. Im going to have a play with the wiring, make sure the earth is ok and buy some better bulbs but other than that what am I supposed to do? I know you can get uprated looms or convert to xenon from a TT but thats my decision, not the testers but the lights if there are no faults found should pass as they are surley? Anyone had the same problems?
  9. vw motorsport

    Its items for a g60 16v conversion, I know bbm do parts but im after original items, not custom items. Fuel rail, pistons, boost supply hose from i/c and the plastic tube to the t/b,boost return pipe, top rad hose...........just minor stuff realy lol
  10. vw motorsport

    No luck people, anybody else that can help?
  11. Mk1 golf steering rack

    Anyone help on this?
  12. Mk1 golf steering rack

    Hi, has anyone got a drawing (exploded diagram) of the mk1 golf gti steering rack. Reason for asking is that im sure there should be a plastic or nylon type sleave inside the one end (The other end from the rack and pinion). I had the thing powdercoated and like a pleb must have left it in and it melted, or Ive lost it, either way need your help guys. Any photos inside would help, if there is one I'll mic up the rack and get one machined, im 99% sure there was somthing in there as it cant just ride on the pinion. Thanks people!
  13. vw motorsport

    Good to hear, Will be phoning them tomorrow, thankyou!
  14. vw motorsport

    After some parts which can only come from vw motorsport, just wondering if anyone has ever had items from them, is it difficult to get hold of parts, anyone know a contact name, email etc. Tried the official website contact but no responce from them. Any help would be really appreciated. Many thanks people!
  15. Northampton Edition 38 Forum Meeting @ The Queen Eleanor

    If someone from Wolverhampton can make it over Im sure some of you lot from Northampton can make it too, talk about proper mincers? I thought you lot from Northampton were suppose to be the last word in volkswagens, cant get the staff these days..........