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  1. Corys' 20VT mk2

    thanks buddy! looking forward to some more winter fun with it. hopefully get a few things sorted. rear beam bushes are next on the list - yikes!
  2. Corys' 20VT mk2

    thanks man. long ways to go yet!
  3. Corys' 20VT mk2

    thanks man! yeah its been back on the road in full 20v form a year at the end of this month. feedback is all round! got it on the road on a friday, drove it round town saturday and sunday, then took it on a 300 mile trip up to liverpool on the monday, stayed there a couple weeks n drove back home. haven't had a single problem with it until the gearbox shat itself last month. replaced it and its good as gold again. so yeah, i love it man!
  4. Corys' 20VT mk2

    no worries jem 9n3 always mean to help if i can! like i said, i still got all my shopping lists n stuff for the project, and don't mind typing it up if you do go down the 20v route, sound of a vr6 turbo tho mmmmm now thats cool! but yeah the AGU bolts straight up to mk2 mounts. no messing around with fabricating etc. wiring is doable. just need to learn to understand the diagrams properly. but people are always there to help. forums are a god send, and RubJohnny pretty much sits on the thrown. think what he can't tell ya isn't worth knowing! and i think he used to make 20v conversion looms for people. can't say i still does but always worth an enquiry. but yeah, a good donor is key i think or just a good rot free base. i was super lucky with mine. not a spot on it anywhere. just surface rust from car park dings. agh I've heard of bud shack. I'm in north devon. where about are ya based dude? oganizaciq - thanks man! much appreciated. just trying to keep it going as and when i can. skywalker yeah i know man. its just a matter of timing isn't it. i just want it to look pretty like everyone else's now haha! ah good news man! make sure to post some pictures! went to see someone about painting my friends mk1 this morning.not far off being ready so excited to see how it comes out!
  5. Corys' 20VT mk2

    thanks guys! considering that before i bought my mk2 i had almost zero mechanical experience i don't hunk I'm doing too bad . . . no worries man! always happy to help out the best i can, if i can! i have a book with all my notes / scribbles in to reference. well . . . to date it has set me back around 4.5k i think. its pretty much the standard AGU swap and includes the price of the donor car. which seems quite a lot, but ill try and give a run down of what I've done . . . so i started with a 1.6 driver i bought running gear new wish bones 19mm ball joints anti roll bar complete poly bush kit G60 calipers / carriers 280mm brembo discs and new standard pads 16v hubs braided brake hose kit 22mm master cylinder G60 flavour front and rear engine mounts and a new gearbox mount new track rod ends new wheel bearings engine stndard donor agu 16v kr fuel pump . . i think lift pump for fuel tank new each clutch inter cooler hoses and piping sprinter intercooler water pump drive belt KnN induction kit Qpeng downpipe ECU needs immobilising coupler for exhaust then theres all the other bits and bobs that you have to buy like . . . wire - lots of it electrical connections spade connectors - lots of them twin core 20A cable some fused 30A relays hose clamps of a couple sizes a load more jubilee clamps a couple 6 way fuse boxes primer paint wire brushes cleaning stuff new battery thats about it for the conversion to be fair. mechanically wise. if you do your research, and make a good plan. and write everything down. its like a big macano set. i pretty much did it all on my own. beauty of the AGU is it fits in the mk2 like it was always supposed to be fair. everyone said it would and i still couldn't quite believe it was in when i got it in there. the only trouble i had was with the wiring. because it completely baffles me i had my friend help me out with it as he's a qualified mechanic with his own 20v mk1 he knew exactly what i needed so i let him crack on with it haha! i did try and understand it along the way though and have learnt a few things. id recommend to anyone, sort your mk2 shell, buy a 20v donor car and just drive it whilst your getting the everything in the mk2 ready. that way time isn't really against you if you have everything you need and buy things from companies that you know you can send back if you don't use. i recon you could take the 20v out of its donor, have it in the mk2 running and driving over a long weekend pretty easily. other than that i have bought some other stuff like VDO gauges leather recurs and rear bench Wietec hicon gt coilover kit and wheels which has set me back about another 1k so all in with my car I'm at about 5.5 - 6k now and its still got pretty ropey body work. i have plans for some body / arch work and then a respray, deleting the door and arch trims, etc. some new wheels, probably gonna go 7.5j up front and 8j in the back. might go for 16's on the rear swell as i like the raked look, cuz its old school and awesome! then it will be an interior retrim, tidy up the engine bay, get a few bits underneath painted and a full stainless system and thats about it im also thinking about a k03s and an Rtech map, with the associated other goodies like forge 007 etc. as i like using it daily its never going to be a show car, but I'll try my best to get it to that standard but basically going for a subtle classy old school look that doesn't screen show car bling, but when people look round it think. dude thats clean!
  6. Corys' 20VT mk2

    got a replacement 020 box in the end just to get the mk2 back on the road as i need it for work. set about giving it a proper clean though. working at the beach all summer has destroyed my carpets. looking a lot better again now though. oh yeah, scored some 160mph clocks with an MFA and stalks from a friend the other day s well which was cool. so will finally have a rev counter for her after nearly a year of 20v goodness. a couple pics to try and keep this going
  7. Corys' 20VT mk2

    thanks man! =) just sucks that its being built on a student budget at the moment. so it nothing compamared to other peoples builds. annoys me that ive spent 5k on it now and it doesnt look any prettier. that'll change in time tho. once i get my gearbox situation sorted ill be saving some money for body work and paint. luckily the guy responsible for Mr BoJangles (the infamous splitty) lives about 20 mins from me. i shot anotger one of his customers vans for octobers vw camper and commercial magazine, and his work is top notch so hopefully ill be sending the mk2 over to him for some paint at some point in the future =)
  8. lets slam it ..................

    this is cool man! always liked how these look slammed i have a mono 944 steering boss somewhere if you ever want one cheap
  9. Daily Driver

    lovin this dude! looks perfect on the rm's with the new dishes! and red centres look shweeet swell. exact spec i want for mine. any rubbage issues?
  10. Corys' 20VT mk2

    and i think that takes me up to this months shenanigans. to be honest. since the mk2's been back on the road in 20v form ive hardly lifted a finger, or turned a spanner. just been driving it and enjoying it. plus ive been working flat out again this summer and havent really had the time to work on her but i do have a few plans for winter tho. hoping to get a crappy daily for a few months, take the 20v back out, and do a proper engine bey tidy up. maybe smoth it a little but nothing OTT. i like the factory look when it comes to engine beys so its just a case of getting rid of what small amount of rust there is painting it, then replacing everything making sure its all nice and shiny! then it will just be a case of bodywork, paint and wheels and ive pretty much done everything i want to do with the mk2. ooh i do want to delete the rub strips on the doors and arches and just have arch spats and small chrome strip bumpers. and small splitter. im gonna space the rears out a little and i might flare the arches just a tad so that it still looks mostly factory. then on the flip side none of thats gonna be happening soon. my seasonal job has finished and im currently job hunting again. which sucks massively! but its not all bad as i run a free lance design consultancy and may or may not have recently started doing some photographic journalism for a couple of national VW magazines which is pretty damn stoked about! so i had a family wedding last weekend up in surrey so the mk2 had a quick spruce up ready for the trip was a good trip loved every second and even the cat liked my mk2 but on the way home i encountered a slight hick-up if you will . . . . coming over the bridge at the bristol docks just about to pull into gordano services. i had a small bang, the car juddered, and popped out of gear doing about 60. no more than 70 as i was slowing down for a pit stop. had a little moment, shouted at the mk2 and told her to behave herself, but it back into 4th and . . . . DUNG DUNG DUNG DUNG DUNG! now ill be honest and confess to the fact that im no master engine builder, but that sounds very much like a half destroyed gearbox (bearing in mind that its the box that came off of the 1.6 lump) - i do plan on converting to an o2a cable change setup with vr6 / g60 clutch, n flywheel etc, but thats another story. . . .
  11. Corys' 20VT mk2

    i did sort out the rear bench to match the fronts aswell . . . i ended up using a mk3 highline 60/40 split rear bench. i used the mk2 seat bases, bolted almost straight up to the mk3 back rests, and it worked almost perfectly. i got some foam and gave them a bit of extra padding as and where i needed it and it worked out really well. whoever says they dont fit and you have to mess around welding brackets etc, isnt nessasarily lieing, but its really not that much hastle. mine have turned out pretty well. ill get some pictures soon. - oooh i did have to trip the parcel shelf supports back ever so slightly but its not noticeable, its clean tidy and everything functions as it should in the car at some point i acquired a sewing machine from someone and got some cheap fake leather type material as i seen it cheap with the intention to do something completely un car related with it. anyways i had some left over material so decided to make a cover for the ugly silver bosch battery that had been bothering me for a while it needed some tweaking but was better than looking at the battery in all its uglyness. i also started on some floor mats aswell as i havent had any for about a year, but they are a work in progress . . . heres a picture from when i visited my friend matt from boost junkies up at his unit some kid turned up in a polo aswell also i was driving by the pannier market in barnstaple one day and decided to drive in and take a couple snaps on the mk2
  12. Corys' 20VT mk2

    so that was about a week after i had my conversion running and on the road again. i think the day after this i drove all the way up to the lake district, and the mk2 sailed up there with no problems what so ever! and to this day actually (well almost) i havent had a single issue with the 20v its such a reliable engine and conversion its the best thing i could have done i think. heres a picture outside a lovely house in the lakes. sorry about the crappy phone pictures again it was an awesome trip and whilst i was up there i had a little look through the forum classified and ended up coming home with these - IDEAL not all good news though. they had no subframes and have been in a civic, polo etc before being put in a mk2, so just had flat steel plate bottoms. although they bolted straight up to mk2 recaro subframes, i couldnt find any at the time and i knew i could recycle the subframes from the recaros ash had in his mk1. so i nabbed those off of him and began work on turning the 2 sets into 1 usable set for my mk2 oooh i also found a use for that sparco steering wheel i bought all that time ago
  13. Corys' 20VT mk2

    im getting all out of juxtaples with the time scale now, but the pictures i have left are pretty recent ones. we went down to visit ryan at his garage to fit some colour concepts to ash's mk1 and see how ryan was getting on with his T2 resto a little bit of camera fun . . . and a bit more engine bey action
  14. Corys' 20VT mk2

    got some centre cap fillers made up from a friend down the road . . . again i know theyre not real but I've always wanted to know what the red centres would look like on the black car and they were free so why not! TESTING - ripped me splitter off again didnt i . . . whoops! but it did go back on think the next thing i did was a bit of gear linkage adjusting - in neutral . . . a bit of adjusting and a few new bushes and it was all centred again and felt lovely. it snowed a while back didnt it! is always awesome in north devon when its bad, so we all went up on exmore to do a bit of snowboarding for fun. there was about 6 cars i think. we were all sensible and ash's mk1 and my friends mk2 fiesta handled themselvs very well. ryan got stuck in the fiesta a couple of times being a hoon but hey! we did better than this guy . . . took a trip down to a south west buds meet which was a good day! annnnnnddd ash broke down! but was just a fuel leak. we patched it up and set off again did a bit more cleaning for fun
  15. Corys' 20VT mk2

    so at this stage i was pretty much ready to turn the key and hope for the best . . . just once little touch needed to be addressed before that happened. - wiring. and i know absolutely nothing about it! well i can re wire a plug, and know the basics that your taught in school. but when it comes to wiring in ecu's and extra relays for things its all a bit over my head. but with ash's help we got it all connected up and working and i kinda understood most of what we did which was cool! so once all that lot was sorted i turned the key and she fired up first time and ran perfectly. and to be honest, to this day i havent had to repair or fix anything. it really has been as good as gold. but anyways . . . whilst i had all the carpets out for doing wiring etc i gave the carpets a well deserved clean again and they came up pretty brand spankers in my opinion . . . oooh found a brake pic. they had been sitting a few weeks after being fitted so look pretty horrible. but they work. can also see the wei-tech hicon gt adjustable coil overs i had fitted about 8 months before a year before this point.