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  1. Cadfish

    Coil pack problems

    Thats where the problem lies,to be sure,will look to relocate somewhere out of the elements !
  2. Cadfish

    Coil pack problems

    Thanks for your patience,I know you have taken the time before to help me out with this problem,looks like I will have to go down the ulterior route.
  3. Cadfish

    Coil pack problems

    I have an 2.0 8v in my mk1 caddy,minimal electrics.....ignition, coil pack,distributor....I am using a mk3 coil pack,but killing them for a pastime,this last one hasn't managed a 1000 miles anyone had a similar problem ?
  4. Cadfish

    BBS RS Centre caps

    I have a set of blue ones gathering dust !
  5. Helluva lot of police stops and checks,one of our lot got fined 635 euros,so we ventured off into the mountains for a bit more freedom,awesome roads Wednesday saw the snow arrive,which in our case meant bailing out a few days early !
  6. Gearbox sourced in Prague,changed in the Hotels underground carpark ! Utilising the gearbox oil
  7. Cadfish

    Heated Seats.......

    Just had Recaro cloth seats re-trimmed,and put heated elements in the base and back,work a treat !
  8. Cadfish

    Ultimate dubs 2016

    Also like to thank you Chris,for the shot of mine no air and home built
  9. We have a group of caddy,s going,for the last week of April,accommodation booked ! Looking forward to it !
  10. Cadfish

    MK1 Caddy PD130 Custom Build Project

    Good update,explains a lot of the problems you,ve had,and where you are with it,glad to have supplied the "prompt"
  11. Cadfish

    MK1 Caddy PD130 Custom Build Project

    This caddy was my motivation when Joe had it,7 years down the line to hear that its nowhere near finishing seems such a shame ?
  12. Dremmel,and different shaped bits of wood for rubbing blocks,most by hand 120,400,800 and finish with 1200 and then drill polishing wheel SW dubs meet,will be up for it, but only if its windy and I can't get to sea,pretty much booked solid till the middle of October which stops me getting to most shows during the summer unfortunately
  13. Made these today, and finished polishing this
  14. No not the caddy,this little puppy :-