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  1. Surrey meets

    London Cartel is your best option
  2. the bottom connection is your cold feed in,there are that many types your best looking for some id marks or remove it and replace it with hozeloc connectors as found on hose pipes,the top connection is your high pressure feed out to your lance,that looks like a std karsher fitting,M22 thread,your best taking it to your local hyd hose dealer and they should be able to supply you the hose,lance and fittings.
  3. 1972 Audi 100ls 15k from new and 1 owner

    register on here if you already havent http://www.classic-audi.co.uk/forum/index.php
  4. Head porting and polishing on ABF head

    erm no, Dave Crissel @ Allstage
  5. Head porting and polishing on ABF head

    google man in the shed cyl heads,he has been supplying the likes of TSR and all the major vw tuners for years
  6. which backs up what I posted earlier,if the likes of Tsr,Brm and ABT could not get 200bhp out of a 2ltr 16v these claimed 200bhp motors are run on very generous rollers or as above had the numbers tweaked?
  7. what size is the inner joint(100mm?) will be late cabby or mk2 rocco.
  8. problem with 16v kr t25 van

    return should go straight back to tank?
  9. problem with 16v kr t25 van

    sound like a fuel pump problem,k-jet needs good fuel pressure to run right,is the pump gravity fed or from a lift pump?
  10. yes 180 bhp,we all know dyno figures are a lottery as to which one you go to but it looks like he`s giving you the lottery numbers in advance
  11. gets his K-jet calibration tools? theres not alot you can adjust on the dyno,tweek fuel and control pressures and mixture,Tim Stiles and Brian Ricketts were the masters of golf tuning and I dont remember any of there cars breaking the 200bhp barrier on k-jet.
  12. Busted its hard getting 200bhp out a 16v on stand alone ecu with mods and t/bodies,ive always had doubts about these 200bhp k-jet cars.
  13. mk2 16v clutch issues

    clutch release fork behind green end cap? these are prone for cracking,self adj clutch cable? replaice with a manual one.
  14. if you get no joy Vince at http://stealthracing.co.uk/ is your man.