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  1. Mk2 golf gti rear caliper size query

    it depends on the age of the car. pre-88 they are 36mm, post-88 they are 38mm.
  2. 20vt conversion wiring question

    just had a look and my PM box is full! best have a word with the admin team tho as it should just say that to you, rather than put up some kind of random message? deleted some old pms
  3. 20vt conversion wiring question

    the joined wires you mention are probably for things like fuel relay power, perm live, ignition etc which are tapped into from several places. ETKA is for parts, if you want diagrams its ElsaWin you need. which I have look in my signature link for 6x0aucecu.pdf, that should cover what you need. The octavia loom will probably be the same as the equivalent code VW/Audi ecu loom, see my sig and my wiring guide above. the bad news is its not a DBW type ecu with a 80 pin ecu plug, so all the pins are different. you'll have to cut the wires off the old ecu then tap to the new one. The good news is as long as the wires are thin enough you dont need a terminal tool to remove the old pins or to crimp new wires into the DBW ecu terminals. Slide out the purple retaining tab on the end then the pin holders pop out. Pull the rubber seals back then use a pick tool to release the tab for the wire you need to work on, cut the wire off and pull it out and bin the pin. Swap over one of the many spare pins VW thoughtfully left for you in the empty positions then use something suitably blunt to push the new wire into the pin jaws. You'll see what I mean! If you've ever terminated a/BT type phone socket you'll know the score. or just cut n splice where necessary, whatever works. just be sure to stagger your joints so they dont bulk out the loom or rub thru
  4. 20vt conversion wiring question

    yeah EVERYTHING in the lupo bay is wired in 1 great lump, but it will come out with enough effort. but if you're happy to work in the engine bay you can just leave it in there to do your wiring work. this gives an idea of what you're dealing with: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/222517899658 looking at that it does seem to go along under the dash for a bit, not sure how accessible things are underneath or if the dash does actually have to come out? luckily for me the customer took care of all that side and just sent me his loom in a big box to deal with as I say I didnt splice anything at all to the inside, all the feeds I needed were on the polo ecu plugs. So I de-pinned all the wires from the fusebox side out the polo ecu and re-pinned in the right place for a 20v then all I had to do was add a couple more wires for the wideband lambda and replace the 4 pin plgu with a 6 pin, add the MAF wiring in out of a donor 20v then add the T14 plug in the right place to suit the 20v sensor harness. as it was a DBW i also added the ecu relay box, rather than trying to run a decent permanent live from the fusebox to it instead I added a feed to it from the polo battery box. its a while ago now but I probably re-used the SAI relay power wire as thats went to the mk4 battery box so had the right end on etc, told the guy to fit it in and use a 15a fuse in his battery box same as the 20v has inside the car on the live feed. whats the year and engine code on the lupo? if not sure let me know the ecu part number I do plug n play looms yes, but my list is properly backed up I'm afraid 8 months at least I recon
  5. 20vt conversion wiring question

    have a look in my signature, you'll probably find what you need. if not, just ask as you say most of the 20v wiring is in the wee plug, so easiest way is use that complete and power it up thru the t10a/t14a. You need to ID all the dash feeds in the lupo loom as well as the ecu power & trigger feeds etc then wire them to the correct place on the T14a and big ecu plug. you can either choose to splice the 20v wires to the lupo ends, or if it has the right plug on it for the 20v ecu you can do what I did which was to de-pin the ecu plugs on the original loom car entirely then ID what does what. figure out the matching pins for the 20v loom and re-insert them. Doing it this way I didnt even have to strip the loom tape off completely, just a small section near the ecu down towards the engine. if it is a DBW ecu, this is the pinout for the remote type actuator if you need it: 33-4 34-6 35-1 36-3 72-5 73-2 this may help you figuring out the 20v loom as well: http://clubgti.com/showthread.php?267196
  6. 20vt conversion wiring question

    you dont have to pull the dash (i dont think?) just remove the polo loom complete. when I made a polo loom what I did was strip the polo wiring loom, then split off all the wires from the sensors etc back to the ecu plugs. I de-pinned all the wires out of the ecu plugs that went to the fusebox, and swapped them into the 20v ecu large plug. Had to add in post-cat wiring iirc, no biggy and change the pre-cat to wideband plus add the MAF plug in there as it was a 1.6 with map sensor instead. Then I added the T14a plug for the main 20v sensor harness, so the mk4 loom dropped in without any modification. this saved a herll of a lot of effort, plus means if theres ever an issue with the loom in future the customer could just swap in another sensor harness and plgu it in. It helped that the original polo engine was also dbw, as all the ecu pins are the same type just had to figure out the order. He even retained the polo throttle actuator and it worked fine once the pinout was worked out for it as its a bit different to the MK4 later throttle pedal unit.
  7. MK2 GOLF, agu, k300. Possible EARTHING issue?

    not at all, the mk3 golf claw is attached to the shell using the stud on the a pillar just above the fusebox, the mk2 golf has one here as well you can use its used for earthing the stereo in the mk2 harness on mine I have an abf lump and I forgot to put the earth back in for the claw so instead I ran a wire from it and earthed to the stud I mention above. I've got a mk3 claw to go in at some point, assuming there is room for it as its on the large size
  8. MK2 GOLF, agu, k300. Possible EARTHING issue?

    the claw mentioned isnt earthed to the body btw, it should have a wire to it from the fusebox if CE2 or back of the white spade block on battery earth if ce1. often missed/forgotten when a conversion is done. also if it had MFA clocks originally there should be an earth for the cluster to the side of the head, again often missed off during loom conversion
  9. 91 MK2 Golf Driver 280mm brake conversion

    basically, if 4 stud, brake carriers unbolt, not a mk1/polo hatch/lupo/arosa then its probably what you want
  10. Mk2 Jetta pb

    yeah it should be man enough, make sure the feed to it is live ignition on and cranking. if it drops too much cranking the ignition switch might be duff. or if it goes dead maybe its tapped to an X feed but if it worked fine before and not been touched since wont be that one thing where is the earth? if its run to the claw near the fusebox make sure you didnt forget to hook up the claw earth. on ce2 looms its from plug F pin 4, ce1m looms it comes out the back of the fat white 4 way spade block on the lighting loom
  11. Mk2 Jetta pb

    ok the fact its going mental suggests voltage issue, check battery voltage and the wiring work you did for the relay. or maybe relay is dead
  12. Mk2 Jetta pb

    is the relay hooked up to the ecu trigger or is it on an ignition feed
  13. they are easy to get! its the same part as for mk2/3 1.6-2.0 with 020 type gearbox. you can get them from the dealer for 37+VAT as well if you're that desperate part number 068103621E
  14. Tailgate Struts (Heavy Duty)

    try mk3 golf, plus maybe mk4? i have seat ibiza mk3 ones on mine beefier and a little longer too so boot opens a wee bit more
  15. 91 MK2 Golf Driver 280mm brake conversion

    dont rtestrict yourself to mk3 when scrappy hunting either. caddy van often got the big brake carriers, as do bigger engien ibiza, toledo and cordoba and the polo classic plus saloon. basically if its 4 stud with 256+ brakes they have what you need, except polo hatchback, lupo and arosa