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  1. Worthersee 2016! 4th - 7th May 2016.

    We'll be seeing you there then, and we're bringing 3 M3's, e30, e46 and e92.
  2. Worthersee 2016! 4th - 7th May 2016.

    We're all booked, 10 of us for 9 nights, 22-31st as we want to experience the show. Fed up of hearing it's "too much" from other people (usually those that have never been to the actual main event) so we're experiencing it for ourselves. Every year I get back from Austria and all I look forward to is Austria again. Anyway, even if it is mayhem, I can party.
  3. receiving a FM Radio signal to a Ipad

    What Sati said. The only way to do it reliably is with a third party dab reciever, getting it into the amp seperately might cause you a few snags without a dsp to sort out source selection. In my opinion a decent dsp shoud always be used with this type of install anywy as you'll be making a huge loss in terms of SQ if the ipad isnt de equalised. Shakey.
  4. The best way to mount midbass's in a mk2/3 or in any car with this style door/doorcard imho - My mk3 competition build from a while ago, still open on Talk audio - http://www.talkaudio.co.uk/ipb/index.php/topic/362940-mk3-project-well-it-was-now-r32-project/ Theres plenty to chew on in that thread, HTH.
  5. JL CP110-W0v3 - thoughts?

    Yes definitely, given its price it's a cracker. It won't redefine bass for you, but lets say for instance you are building a sub £500 system, it'll do wonders mate. Constantly adding to our line up bro! You'll never see a bad product in there
  6. And thats how you deaden a mk1!

    Bloody hell this is a blast from the past! cheers guys.. We have put together some deadening car specific packages on our site, take a look! http://www.studioincar.com/shop/cat/audio/skins-car-specific-packs/ Also available are pro packs wich include liner, we're just workng on getting the media in place to promote these packages, the Dynamat brand will be in there shortly also.
  7. Sound deadening under the bonnet

    We can supply you with a full under bonnet hoodliner kit mate, drop us a message if you're interested
  8. JL CP110-W0v3 - thoughts?

    If you keep in mind its price point, its a fantastic speaker.
  9. Sound matt/deadening/proofing

    Have replied to your pm mate, sorry lads i dont get a lot of time to post on the board any more. Deadening is a massive part of a car for us, be it a sound car or a stock car every type will benefit (apart from a balls out racer). Our chosen weapon as you know is skins, its not really up for debate as we've landed on it ofter years in the industry although i do appreciate other guys like other stuff. For total coverage in a mk3 no less than 3 bulk packs of 27sqft (skins packs) will be needed and i would also suggest a single pack of 6 mm thermo acuastic liner. For reference, my own car has 6 bulk packs, in places is double skinned and i havnt done the roof yet and two of the acuastic liner. Skins liner - That should give you a bit to look at in terms of doing the floor etc although in most cases you neednt go this far and can reap the majority of the reward with say half the kit spread out in strategic areas. That liner though really shouldnt be over looked, i know it seems like a piggy back cost/product but it really is impressive in what it does (sound absorbancy as opposed to limmiting flex/changes in resonant frequencies) and weighs less than a good fart. All of these products are availably on our shop in my signature if you want a poke around, we are today working on getting all of the car specific sizes and deadening packages off the ground and running all based around coverage to the best effect but not as some would see as being excessive Always up for a chat about deadening aswell so if anyone want to give me a shout during works its 01489 877 987 and thats the workshop. Shakey
  10. Worthersee 2013

    Well what a trip Safe trip to all the guys coming home etc. I'll be doing a write up on our blog soon.
  11. Worthersee 2013

    It's colder than pluto's core.
  12. Worthersee 2013

    I'll never get over how stunning this place is, woke up to this this morning. All I can say to people complaining about the weather, never trust a weather report on a place in a valley surrounded by mountains, the weather here is bad ass.
  13. Can't decide on components

    In that group the C5's are way ahead of the rest, dont pay near new money for them though, much better speakers can be had for that money!
  14. Worthersee 2013

    15 DAYS