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  1. Hi Adam, Did you manage to get a quote yet? I can get someone to call you and run through it if you are still looking? Cheers
  2. From HIC or someone else? Send me your details and I will have a look.... Cheers Martin
  3. martinb

    Not heard anything

    Send me your number mate and I'll make sure someone calls you first thing! Cheers martin
  4. martinb

    MASSIVE Cancellation hassle!

    Hi Spuey. Sorry to hear you've had problems - please could you send me your policy number (or reg numbers if you dont have that to hand) and a contact number, and I will get someone to look into and contact you. Cheers Martin
  5. Hi, We wouldn't normally accept Private Hire NCB unfortunately, however if you want to send me his number, we will gladly call him and see if there is anything we can do to help. Kind Regards Martin
  6. martinb

    Insurance price gone up?

    Unfortunately it's not just you. Insurance premiums have gone up for almost everyone and look like they will continue to rise due the increases in insurance premium tax and the government changing the way compensation is calculated which is significantly increasing claims costs (give it a google - it's been well reported recently). If you PM me your policy number though, I'll happily take a look and see if there is anything I can do. Cheers Martin
  7. martinb

    mk2 20vt

    engine swaps are not a problem so I dont see why not (obviously depending on the rest of your details).... Cheers Martin
  8. martinb

    Unable to beat comparision site

    Hi Alex, details of how to claim are here: https://www.hertsinsurance.com/competition-shopping-vouchers/ Cheers
  9. Hi, Yes we can insure either as a day van or commercial vehicle. Cheers
  10. martinb

    Thank you !

    Glad we could help - I'll pass your comments on to Michael
  11. martinb


    If you want to send me the details then I'll get someone to call you. Where did you do the quote request? Thanks Martin
  12. martinb

    Quote please

    Glad we could help. You spoke to Daniel - I'll pass on your comments
  13. Hi Adam, I've had a quick look into this - although we would love to do you a deal, especially as you have been a customer of ours for a while, unfortunately we are a bit "hit or miss" with quotes for BMW's as they are not really a brand we specialise in. I notice the quote was also to add a named driver to the policy and it would appear this also contributed to the premium you were quoted. Kind Regards, Martin
  14. martinb

    Insurance advice.

    1. Ring and ask - most insurers accept no claims from within 2years but some do accept older ncb (we have underwriters who will accept up to 3yrs). If its older then in the long run if you can find and insurer that accepts 3yrs then its probably worth doing, even if it costs a little more initially. 2. HIC of course! Pm me your number if you want me to get someone to give you a call.... Cheers Martin