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  1. Al's mk3 vr6 turbo build

    Amazing build Simon.
  2. Old Man BAM - mk2 sleeper an idiots guide

    Amazing thread mate, putting my current Mk2 build to shame! As above, do you have the Part/Model number of which eastman I need to order from the States and where to get the best brake lines ordered from? Thanks in advance. Simon,
  3. Kamei front spoiler fitting

    James, surely we must be able to knock something up to fit it? Only look like a few bits of metal bent to suit? Simon.
  4. Vento V6

    Whats the specs on the RS's? Sit so well on there. Simon.
  5. Vento V6

    Stunning, possibly my fav Vento ever! Simon.
  6. Mk2 Vr6 revs once

    Ignition switch? Simon.
  7. Raising a vr engine

    Pretty much this! Steel ones will tend to bend as opposed to the Ally ones which crack when you inevitably catch it! Simon.
  8. mk2 vr6 radiator which will work

    On previous Mk2 VR6's I've used the Rado Rad (one with the seperate bolt on top house connector) with a Rado top hose. The Rad in your pic doesn't look like the Rado Rads I've used though. Simon.
  9. mk2 golf 20vt

    Awesome looking car Simon.
  10. Was good to finally see it in the flesh Rob. Congratulations on the win Simon.
  11. Was worried when you said about lifting it, but with the wider track she looks awesome mate. Safe trip Simon.
  12. Vento V6

    Stunning Vento! Wheels and seats are on my "ultimate must own" list! Your red Mk3 has been a poster in my garage for years Simon.
  13. My mk3 VR6T

    Static is where its at mate Look forward to seeing the updates. Simon.
  14. Corrado G60

    Such a good looking car this, really well modded as looks simply done Simon.
  15. Fastest way to remove a B5.5 Passat engine

    Quickest - Yes Best - Probably not....... Simon.