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  1. Anyone use or know anything about an Alpine CDA7894?

    I run an aux to my phone from one of my alpine 9812 units and it sounds much better than my up to date Sony unit!
  2. Alpine CDA-9812rr

    Ok relax lol
  3. Alpine CDA-9812rr

    As above... Just picked 2 up in the last few weeks ... There was me thinking these were getting rare. Am I wrong? Or just lucky? Thoughts?
  4. Which head unit help

    some of the best headunits in my opinion....owned a few of these over the years and regret getting rid...
  5. Audi SQ5

    beauty.....me and the missus sat in a stock one of these in the audi garage.....this is just immence,,
  6. audi tt boost issue.

    Been told that too mate...are you going to try one? Think I'm gona go get a new maf and n75 in next few weeks
  7. audi tt boost issue.

    Ok guys I've got a mapped TT 225 bam. Now and then it won't boost...stop car turn off and on again it boosts fine to 1 bar. Had it scanned a while back and it came up with maf sensor. Not changed this yet due to it not happening back then that often . Could it be the maf causing this issue? Will get round to changing it but insure this would cause this issue. Thanks .
  8. 964 from a Brit in Florida

    sorry but that car is porn :wub:
  9. indicator keeps clicking

    so im guessing that when you say uve changed it...you mean the relay on hazard switch?
  10. Audi RS4 - Project stealth

    car porn! love the b5 shape and that engine is just gorgeous
  11. Bora headlights stuck on!

    Lol no way bet you feel stupid but as said we all do stupid things!! Fair play bud glad you got it sorted
  12. Anyone in Wolverhampton ?

    Need my boost pipe near intercooler looking at . Anyone around ? Beer tokens included...
  13. Mk4 clock display fade

    Send them off to places like bba reman. Or ckusterrepairs.co.uk
  14. pd150 turbo noise.

    Bloody cars are worrying.. I've heard horror stories about a siren kind of noise means the turbo is going and mine is doing similar but without the lack of power and smoke! But then I'm reading other stories saying that the slight siren noise is normally... God I hate cars
  15. pd150 turbo noise.

    Thsnks mate just worrying. Maybe it's how they are on the pd150... Let's hope so sye lol