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  1. Hello Hello! It's been a LONG time since i signed in here. I've cleared some workshop space and i'm looking to bring this back to life in 2017. I'll post up as i go
  2. Joe's RS4 Daytona Grey Avant

    looks the nuts joe!
  3. Anyone looking for updates and news on the car should check out PVW on Facebook, i'll do my best to keep this upto date - but new updates will be there 1st!
  4. it's to do with rail consumption when you up the HPFP demand, just testing another file and i can give some feedback. only does it on track though, so its tricky to test!
  5. Luke's ED30 Project

    proper job!
  6. yup! seems to be all sorted now though, did you experience the same?
  7. currently fairly happy, but there is allways more power to be had. Im at the limit of what this turbocharger is willing to blow however, and that's going to be what holds me back in the engine department
  8. ^ absolutely luke - it only takes a few people around you to have some offs and it makes you redress the priorities. I was ahead of Brian in the Air Lift S4 when he had his unfortunate accident, and i dont much fancy putting this on its roof without the necessary safety gear. It's easily done! paaahaha, you are one of the few people i didn't think it would scare
  9. I did indeed. i am absolutely not a fan of cages in road cars, and they do more harm than good in an accident outside of a circuit. This car has however got to a point whereby i no longer feel comfortable in pushing it with the current safety gear onboard. it's just too quick and the level of grip is too high - when you make a mistake you tend to be traveling very fast indeed. for this reason, not having a cage is now a limiting factor in enjoying this car. it's especially important as i always take people out on track with me and hardly ever go out alone. if i have an off it's not going to be much fun explaining to people why the passenger is hurt and why i didnt have a cage in a 580bhp track car. anyone who's been out in it will agree - it's come that time. Ive held off long enough, and now its time to get serious about safety. i have a mercedes 190E i drive day to day and a broken RX8 for fun times. the Golf is now moving towards a road legal track car. own any car long enough and it will take its own path and force you into decisions you at first resist...
  10. so now we are running ST suspension, a switch from AST. This is an intermediate step while i get stuff organised for a KW race kit. The ST XTA has really impressed me, and has really held its own. Inside im now running STATUS seats in replacement of the motordrives and of course its got the full, genuine S2000 spec BTCC kit and custom wing. the car still has Kenwood nav/multimedia, handsfree etc and still has air con. i still use it for the odd commute here and there and still drive it to and from events. Its fully road legal with R888 tyres, lights, plates etc. next on the list is to improve the cooling and ventilation in the bay, further improve the aero pack and add a forge rear brake kit to the awesome front brake setup. something big that needs to happen is a full 12point minimum cage, but im undecided as to who i should get to undertake the work. the car is simply too fast, and generates too much grip to be able to explore the limits without one. Goodwood we were driving about 60%, it's a fast track and really only to shake it down. excited to get a cage in there to begin to push!
  11. Totally been lapse on updating this! got alot of things to share haha!
  12. front bumper and splitter are now sold luke! this was its last outing last year - will look very different come the new show season! the AST suspension is up for sale as are the Motordrive seats, looking for £1500 for the suspension and £700 the pair of seats and subframes for MK5 golf fitment. - VW Racing / AST inverted rear, full coilover MK5 chassis track suspension kit inc topmounts. 1 year old but very little mileage. £1500 this is the kit when i bought it, now is a little dirtier but in perfect working order... - pair of black motordrive bucket seats in perfect condition with no rips etc. Look the same as pole positions really. centres are in a floral retrim but centre cushions are cheap to get new from motordrive or recaro. Come with fabricated sliding bases for mk5 £700 the pair call or text me on 07834492079 if youre interested in any of it
  13. neglected updating this but things are in the works no 550 is with the motor built now. 76