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  1. Aerocoat Aeromax Chrome Powdercoat

    Yep can also vouch for Aerocoat, had a set of Melbers and some Fondmetals done in the past and they looked larrvely!
  2. Real nice, just needs an early drivers-side door!
  3. Mk2 Golf 1.8 GTI - 1.8T 20v

    Looking real nice pal, need another mk2 in my life!
  4. jakes mk1 jetta

    Remember seeing this at Whitenoise, such a lovely car! Should look a treat on the RM's ‚Äč
  5. 1984 PD130

    Very nice! Where'd you get your side decals from?
  6. Bagged Mk4 Project

    Good start, any thoughts on wheels?
  7. mk2 Golf Gti 1.9 TSR 16v

    Lovely car! That interior though..
  8. 8v, Mk2, GTI, Blue

    Always been a small bumper fan but this looks great! Think I need another mk2 in my life
  9. Airlift v2 owners

    Tend to leave mine on manual the majority of the time, found the system too erratic and was 'hunting' too much. Don't get me wrong, the presets are useful for all up all down in a hurry but I find it easiest to adjust manually when raising it to driving height. Perhaps I'm just in too much of a rush haha.
  10. Moredoor mk2

    Same colour as mine! Looks good, jealous of your chrome window surrounds..
  11. 94 audi 80 coupe, the pigeon :-D

    Looking good! Where did you have the bodywork done at the start of the thread?
  12. Mk2 1.3C Type 19 - Bagged, Centre Lock, VR6

    Looks great man! I definitely need some fresh paint on mine
  13. Autopilot v1 issues

    Just connected up my management up and the pressure in the tank reaches 145 psi and stops as it should. However when I press any of the buttons on the controller you can hear the solenoid open/close but there's no actual movement of the bags! I've tried putting it through the tune function and it sounds as though its trying to cycle through each corner but again theres no physical movement. I've double checked my wiring and plumbing and all looks fine, the led on the ecu is flashing red, is this normal or is this indicating a fault? The airlift install guide isn't very in-depth.. Cheers